Zwift Play controllers randomly applying brakes [February 2024] [1.3.0]

Hey, all I am having trouble with my zwift controllers. The controllers are applying 100% brakes randomly. Is there a way I can resolve this problems.

And, Yes.

I went through the FAQ and it did not help. I have the most recent updates and it is connected properly. Which I thought would because I have always been able to find a solution to any problem that I have been having.

Please any useful or helpful tips would be appreciated.

This is a well-known problem. You should probably contact support for help.

Note that this topic is marked “solved” but it actually isn’t:

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Hi @Lukas_Reischl! Thanks for posting this scenario and performing those troubleshooting steps with self-help to prevent the random braking in your Zwift Play controllers. I’d appreciate it if you calibrate them by following the steps found here. In case the controllers are still braking please contact us at