Zwift Play disconnection bug

I have a recurring issue with Zwift Play…

At random times during my rides the right hand controller makes a feedback buzz, and from that point onward the Z button doesn’t work.

All other buttons work as intended, and steering and braking still work. The blue connection lights show both controllers as being connected.

However, if I go to the pairing screen the steering tile shows “Searching”, and if click on the tile it only shows the left controller as available. All buttons and controls are still working with the exception of Z.

Turning the controllers off and on again has no effect. The only way to rectify the issue is to reboot Zwift.

Running Zwift on Windows. All game updates and firmware updates are done.

This has been an ongoing issue since the play controllers were released with the exception of zwift v1.44.2. Unfortunately, v1.46 did not fix this issue and it still remains a problem.

Referring you to this thread for more info. Forum won’t allow links but look for this issue in the Bugs & Support forum: zwift play controller connection issues [1-43-1-44-1-45]

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