Zwift Play: 'Z' button not functioning

All of the buttons on my left and right controller function properly, the ‘Z’ button no longer functions (functioned for 3 weeks). Anyone else having this issue?

Hi, it could be similar to a problem I’m having where the right zwift play controller loses signal but seems to still be connected. The ‘Z’ button doesn’t display the ride-on bomb countdown & no indication of being able to return ride-ons for other in-game zwifters. Additionally, the haptic feedback buzzes randomly as well. I think this is indicating that the right controller is not connected.

Prior to zwift ver 1.44.2, the right controller was having connection issues as acknowledged by zwift. Then in V1.44.2, zwift seemed to solve the problem & the right controller stayed connected. Then in V1.45, I’m having right controller issues too. When I go to the devices menu, the right controller shows as connected but the checkbox shows unchecked. Even after checking it, it drops back out within seconds/minutes.

I’ll be posting this as a separate forum issue but thought you might benefit if the symptoms are similar your issue.


My other buttons on the right controller are functioning (A,B,Y, move right in pack/brake) properly. It is a really strange problem because I was not having issues with earlier zwift versions prior to v1.45. My ‘Z’ button doesn’t want to give out any ride-on bombs or regular ride-ons as well. Sounds like a similar problem.

if you hold the Z down it does still give the bomb and buzzes but you don’t get the graphic when it’s playing up. Mine works with graphic for 15-30 minutes.

I have the same problem.
Bluetooth connect working since recent updates but z button has no effect (Work previously but only intermittently

Did you find a solution?

Until Zwift fully figures these issues out, here’s some of the things that I’ve done & have been suggested by other users to help.

Turn on the play controllers and then plug them into their power charging cord. Connect your devices as normal & this stopped the right controller from dropping. This was true for FW v1.19 and v.1.2 as well as Zwift v1.46 & v1.47.

You can use the companion app as the bridge to connect just the controllers. This seems to mitigate the dropping issues too.

Lastly, I am using a BT dongle on my PC. I got a USB extension cord that moved the dongle from 52" to 22" away from the controllers. That seems to have stopped the right controller from dropping as well.

Hope these suggestions might help you.