Zwift in low blurred resolution on OS and android

I have been on zwift for some time however of late I am having a growing number of issues with zwift and today was no different i logged in to ride and was faced with 1980’s resolution and a weird looking multicoloured jersey and a different bike. the vision is blurry and i tried this on different platforms and i get the same. a few days before that i lost all my features and bike i got on points and shuffled back onto a swift bike. i asked tech support and they could not help it is really making me wonder if the system is crashing is it just me or has Zwift got greedy and can’t handle the new users??? my bandwidth is really good where i am and i have fast speeds. the screen has REC on it when loading and last night when i rode riders where coming out of mountainsides and then vanishing into trees where roads didn’t exist.

Blurry resolution and multicolor bikes/jerseys are April fools (means - just today). If you look around you find a lot of comments about this subject, here on forum …

Im not amused


As a brand new user, struggling to setup Zwift properly with my sensors & trainer I FINALLY got everything working.
I then went for my first ride only to be confronted with a nausea inducing blurry mess…

I have never used Zwift before so I’m unsure if this is a phone issue, a software problem, a settings issue or, potentially now an April fools joke!?

As it is now, it’s barely usable and it’s definitely putting me off of using it again, let alone continuing with a subscription! :thinking:

I have just wasted so many hours searching online for help, tweaking settings, restarting the app, restarting my phone, uninstalling & reinstalling the app, putting together an email for support… if that was all in vain because of an April fools I am unlikely to be amused! :angry:


Hi @Anton

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Can you post a picture of the blurry mess.

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I’m quite looking forward to my ride tonight, to see the retro look. In fact I am specifically going to use my PC connected to our big TV, instead of my tablet, for maximum effect.

I don’t understand how this would make Zwift ‘barely usable’, to be honest? There are over 13,000 people on Zwift at this moment, so it obviously works just fine. Given that the forums haven’t exploded, quite a few of the many thousands of people who are riding and have ridden today either get it, or are not bothered that much with it.

It is clearly a joke, it will obviously change back. If it actually makes you nauseated, just don’t ride today, or try Rouvy/RGT/Trainerroad/FullGaz/GoldenCheetah/Sufferfest/etc.

Edit: If you suffer from photosensitivity or similar, ok, fair enough. I do think that Zwift HQ should consider a toggle for the visual effect filter at least, should they do it again in future.


anke a me la stessa cosa e si sconnetteva anke il misuratore di potenza

si uguale

si idem

Hopefully this will show it… It doesn’t look anywhere near as bad in a screenshot, but when you are riding & other riders are going by, it gets REALLY disorientating!

It’s impossible to focus on the data around the edges as the view of the world is blurry and glitchy

I actually pay for this service - why should I be forced to not use it?

So does nearly everyone.
No-one is forcing me, you or thousands of people to deal with the regular glitches, sensor dropouts, clunky UI, sandbaggers in races, no built-in voice chat, etc etc etc.
Same with this temporary thing.

Please don’t misunderstand - this specific update should have been thought through better, specifically being able to turn off the blurriness and other visual effects. It would be a good idea for Zwift HQ to understand WHY this is a real problem for quite a few people, so that they can do better in the future. I’m just not sure that “not being amused” or threats of not continuing with subscriptions is a useful way of dealing with it.

I will ride in a few minutes. If the visual effect bothers me too much, I will simply choose to jump over to another app that I pay for for today, and try Zwift again tomorrow.

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Yes, it’s just an April Fools Day thing and it will be back to normal tomorrow.

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Thanks Shane,

Wow that you tube video is available in 4K. nice.


This was very annoying!!! I wasted a great deal of my workout time trying to fix a problem that was caused by someone’s stupid April fools joke. The blurry animation and ugly kit were so distracting that I reduced the intensity of my workout and cut it short. NOT APPRECIATED

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OMG people!!! Lighten up! It’s APRIL FOOLS DAY!!! That’s the whole purpose. Good god people… take a chill pill…


I had no idea what was going on. Kinda lost track of the days with the Covid19 lockdown. I was frustrated by the graphics on my iPad Pro, and even more frustrated that I couldn’t switch to use the Scott Sparc to finish up the last bit of climbing for that. I ended up doing a 90 minute workout, and honestly, it was a pretty miserable experience. By the end I had a splitting headache and mild nausea.

As a child of the 80s, I appreciate the sentiment here, but honestly, messing with graphics quality (and to a lesser degree bike choice) is a poor decision. I can deal with the ugly kit and ugly bike colors if others are ok with that, but as a paying subscriber (since beta), it doesn’t seem appropriate to reduce the quality of the product I’m paying for.

Hopefully Zwift will take some lessons learned from this and make better decisions in the future.

I’ve been Zwifting for well over a year with no problems. I knew as soon as I got on today the picture was an April Fools trick, just got on with it as I know tomorrow it will be back to normal. Wouldn’t knock Zwift too much as many thousands of you have now joined due to Covid. Just enjoy getting the exercise.

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yeah, if that thing was meant to be funny, then well… it wasn’t really. Just decreasing user experience. I would understand the jersey and the outfit, but the blur? Strange “joke”.

First world problem. Big time.


Note that the actual user experience was much worse than this video shows. I was on an iPad Pro 3rd Gen and the wavy lines and shimmering ghost images gave me nausea and a headache (90 min scheduled workout). The bike and kits were fine (but meh - not my cup of tea), but messing with graphics quality is LAME.

This is a sobering time…up to 250k Americans might lose their lives in the next 2 weeks. Many paying customers look to Zwift to escape and de stress and Zwift is playing jokes. Here’s an idea … if a “prank” confuses/aggravates half your customers…,DONT DO IT!