Anyone having issues with zwift today

Just come off zwift and it was constantly crashing on me. When I could get on no other riders names were appearing (others on there were saying the same so it wasn’t just me). My Internet connection is fine and I’m using apple TV 4k?

Yep. just got off zwift and everyone in grey basic kit and riding zwift basic bike, no names or flags showing. 

it was not possible to ride


Exactly the same. Had the same comment left on my strava today by someone else. Second time this has happened in 3 months. Not very good considering this is something we pay a monthly membership for. Obviously struggling to cope with the numbers on there. 

All that, and…  during Fondo, Blue Screen of Death.  I don’t think the degradation caused my issue, as it happened last week as well, but I’ve been wanting to upgrade system drive and do a fresh windows install anyway…


Had the same issues, freezing but managed to hold on for the complete workout.

The same goes for me, “everyone in grey basic kit and riding zwift basic bike, no names or flags showing. names or flags showing”.  

Can not login right now to download my training pass.

Think they have server issues.

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Not able to ride.

Same issue.  

As usual, every weekend where there’s an event, we are plagued with instability and technical issues.

Somebody forgot to reboot the server in the old bathroom closet again?

Got my ride in, new PRs on Volcano Circuit. No record of it on Strava- and Zwift tells me I rode… for 0 ft.

Same problem.  Worse yet…the activity crashed at 14 miles and while it shows this in Zwift when I download the .fit file for upload to Strava it only shows 0.1 miles…THE HORROR!!!

FYI:  You can always check here for system status:

At least you will know it is not your setup if a system wide problem is reported!


Zwift Status isn’t reflecting reality.  Status says that only the Event interface is having issues.  I’m not participating in an event.  I’m just out for a ride and the app constantly crashes. 

That’s a joke. Just says log in problems and slow gameplay. No mention of crashing, freezing, riders names not appearing and all the other problems

Exactly Kate wormington. That wouldn’t help you know if it was a problem with their end or yours. Pretty useless really

It took longer than normal to log in today ( 100Mb fast broadband ethernet connection London)

Split times and w/kg but no names on other zwifters, in right hand panel of in animations, (just black boxes with the m split distance)

All had generic Swift Jerseys, ( except me :wink:

Managed 70 minute mountain loop with KOM splits etc. just no name/f;ag information

Companion working, but again no zwifters in list.

Save looked as if it had locked out, I just left it and eventually the app (mac version)  closed and my activity appeared in Strava

Join the club Steve. At least you were lucky enough not to have it crash on you constantly.

Based on their Twitter feed 2h ago, “We are aware of the current issue and have a team looking into it.”

The drunken guy you found sleeping outside the building does not make a team.

Couldn’t join an event I signed up for, screen freezing, then tried to do a work out, same thing freezing screens again. Every rider is a male in basic kit.  I joined zwift a couple of weeks after the price rise and so far havent had a single week without some sort of issue be it not being able to log on or freezing, or mobile link lagging badly etc.

Starting to think it’s not really worth the premium cost 

Can see the twitter feed. Alot of pissed off customers on there… Myself included. Massive appeal of zwift is being able to cycle when you only have limited time. Not good when that time happens to be when it’s not working. This isn’t a first either. I think a months subscription refund is the least they could do to users who were unable to use zwift as a result of technical issues their end :rage: