Anyone having issues with zwift today

completed the zwift fondo bambino and the ride seems to have disappeared.  I can’t see it on strava.  As the ride went on more and more riders didn’t have a name.  During my cooldown everyone was in the grey zwift kit.  

same as many —all riders in grey zwift kit with no name and a kind of comic book pop-up talking bubble above their heads…

ps - maybe it is time zwift gives me some preference options like limiting the riders i see on my screen, say, from 0 to max (so i could actually see the road on busy days) which might at least make the dull grey bodies and black pop-up boxes everywhere right now a lot less irritating.

My Apple 4K dropped too…   didn’t recognize me at all in the last Z-Fondo today…   not impressed!  Didn’t save my ride, no stats…   very unhappy today… zwift should give everyone who rides today a free month

Same issues here…ride was ok but no names on riders or leaderboards, w/kg and distances ok.  Finished 30k. Got an FTP auto-update and then find that it didn’t save my ride anywhere.  Companion app and website both only show 5k complete… This is the second time in a week that I’ve lost training data.  Not happy.

Exactly the same issue for me.  Riders in standard kit, no names showing.  Tried to save a ride but it showed zero distance. I’ve wasted a couple of hours troubleshooting my home network and deleting and reloading the app numerous times assuming it was a problem at my end.  Missed out on my Sunday afternoon mountain climb.  Really disappointing but pleased I found this post as it’s put my mind at rest that the problem is with Zwift, not my network.  Come on Zwift, get it going!!

@Kate Wormington, business as usual at Zwift, every time this happen it’s like this (downplayed), including “we are investigating the problem”.

They do a lot of investigation, but not much fixing.

There’s enough people reporting lost data that they should at least forewarn people before they are starting a workout/training ride.

My Fondo isn’t showing in my history and neither are my achievements or unlocks.  Had a few freezes during the ride too.  

New to Zwift and won’t be chuffed if I’ve lost all my efforts from today.  Not a great first experience of the Fondo 

Good idea - a broadcast that there are technical issues they are working to troubleshoot so we don’t all waste time on it would be better than leaving us to find out for ourselves.  I could have put my back wheel on and gone out for a real ride instead of trying to fix a problem that I had no chance of fixing but I’ve lost the time now.

Yep same deal  tried doing the US spin ride and the group was in brown zwift kits except me.  also no riders names and crashes. only black rectangles above them where their names should be, the group rideres nearby list to right also had no  names only w/kg

i uninstalled, which sucks because i lost my 5 sec, 20min etc power numbers because of it, but still not working

im on Apple TV as well.

I was aggravated by the lack of up front acknowledgement, I restarted everything twice and again encountered the same issues, did speed tests etc and got good results. Checked the zwift status twitter account and found no messages despite it being listed in the bio as a real time status account. Re checked everything again and gave up. Checked the main zwift twitter account to see that they’d acknowledged an issue over an hour earlier!

I’ll put a feature request in, assuming it’s not already there, to have status and known issues displayed before starting a ride/workout.

I’m using a PC by the way, this looks like a server issue of some sort. Hopefully people aren’t all resetting routers, networks and re-installing apps…

appears they fixed the issue  Is it working for everyone?

I managed to recover my ride data from the Zwift files…luckily I’m using a PC, I feel for anyone on a Smart Device who cannot do this…

Finished my ride about 15 minutes ago. I had to re-enter my password after startup, logon took very long. Did a personal workout. Driving was possible without issues, but as others mentioned before: no jerseys at the other drivers (my own was shown), no names, no flags.

No crash of the software (OSX), Zwift shows my ride correctly and after (manually) uploading it to Garmin the data looks ok.

I contacted Zwift and asked for a refund.  They categorically refused.  So, what other training apps are people using?  When a company doesn’t deliver the service and doesn’t offer a refund, I start looking at other options.

You can look here, I kind of like RGT (still in “invite-only” beta) but none is coming out as a clear challenger…yet.