Problems with latest updates & Android

Hi there,

Is anyone else having trouble with the Android version of Zwift, from the December update onwards.

So, the update before Christmas 2022 saw the interface and menu setup change quite drastically. This has caused the whole interface to become quite unstable. When the menu for the routes is brought up, the screen flickers quite uncontrollably! As you touch it, the images disappear. This makes selecting a route quite difficult. Actually you have to be quite fast in choosing which route to ride, before the images disappear altogether, leaving just the background image. The app then has to be reset.

So I contacted Zwift support, and they seemed to think it was something on my end(suggested I uninstall, re-install etc), but I dont believe it is anything to do with ny device etc.
At the end of the day, Zwift was fine pre-update, and was broken immediately post-update!!!
Now, this very latest update has made it even more unstable… I thought the purpose of an update was to improve a product…Not break it!!!

So I just wondered if any other Android users are having these issues? And if anyone knows a fix? It would be nice if Zwift would acknowledge the problem is there, and acknowledge that it is likely caused by their updates!!

I’m running the very latest version on Android on a Samsung S10 5G!

I get screen flicker dependant on how i move my finger.

Galaxy A7 tablet.

Think it’s more to do with the Samsung UI

It possibly is, but it didn’t do this with the older version of Zwift. It worked fine! I’m trying to get Zwift to recognise this, and recognise that they have created a problem with their changes, and therefore it should be sorted out.
It’s not really acceptable to pay a subscription for something, yet it doeant work correctly. Especially when it used to.

Certainly be a factor since the new home screen. Can’t recall an issue before that.


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Move… definitely move…repeat move.

Bloody predictive text.

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