Dear Zwift, your latest Android update has problems!

Since the latest update for Android, the Zwift app has been having multiple performance issues.
I am running Zwift on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. The tablet is only used for Zwift.

  1. In the past week I have had repeated issues of Zwift just closing on it’s own mid ride.
  2. Zwift has been very unstable since the latest update - it drops connections to my trainer, HR strap, and cadence sensor on my bike. It does this constantly.
  3. In the past week I have had three instances where I selected a route to ride, and Zwift put me into a different route. In New York I selected to ride the Lady Liberty route, and wound up doing the park perimeter loop. Today in Yorkshire I completed the Tour of Tewit Well, then wanted to complete Queen’s Highway and Duchy Estate. For both attempts Zwift put me back on the Tour of Tewit Well course.
    C’mon Zwift, I’m paying a monthly fee for this app and its performance is really poor since the latest update. You need to address these bugs.

Probably not the most constructive reply…I have been using zwift on Android for 5 months solid now and have experienced none of the issues you have stated.

To try and trouble shoot this matter, is it possible to test zwift on another andriod device? This may help narrowing down the problem.


I’m running zwift on a galaxy tab s6 and have not had any of these issues. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?

As a side note, are you able to take screen shots and have them save successfully to your gallery? That’s the bug I’m trying to get Support to help me with.

I’m having major issues. Running it on a pixel 4a and when I enter world is just a pixelated blue screen and won’t connect to the trainer. Had to reload several times for half an hour before it would load. Also had the app close down at random

Yes, that was the second attempt to fix this.

Screen shots - something changed in Zwift for Android between last winter (2019-20) and this winter (2020-21). Last year any screenshots would be dropped into the Android Gallery. This year the pictures are nowhere to be found on the device. Doing an open search for *.jpg in the tablet storage brings back no Zwift images.