1989 Graphics Why!

Wìth the World in the terrible situation why mess about with graphics. I am home self isolating no work so the little money I have needs to be spent wisely. I think keeping Zwift was important but if the Zwift staff has such total disregard in the current climate maybe another platform would be a better option. Surely you should be spending our money and that of your sponsers on developing the platform not wasting time and money on rubbish like this. It’s not 1989 and at the moment theres nothing funny about April Fools Day. Zwift is supposed to be a professional platform or so I thought, none of the other platforms do this rubbish so why Zwift
What you have done yet again LEAVE IT ALONE spend our money wisely not on rubbish.

Agree. Spectacular misfire given the failure to update the UI or deal with sandbaggers in the last update.

About as funny as lockdown.

I think I will give out of date and poor quality legal advice today, charge my usual fee and announce it as a “hilarious” April Fool joke later.


Fair comment. Management need to consider the staff who are always the ones who come under fire.

Also jubjected to the same experience with the 1989 graphics. Not impressed if this was designed to be an April’s Fool stunt!
Everything back to normal by 12:00 please if that’s the case!!!
Zwift is quite pricey anyway please reinstate to the usual high quality platform we are accustomed to.


Agree totally my eyes are killing me had to turn off monitor and use my mobile phone please turn it off,please do not use an excuse of broadbandwith as issue as there is more than enough capacity world wide , nice for a quick ride but ilive in 21st century not 19th.


Perish the thought we might have some fun in our lives, especially in these unusual and for some very scary times.


It’s not fun Daren. That’s the point.


For you, maybe. For me, yes it is. Who made you the fun police? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d agree there could be a toggle option to disable the effect, as with the workout blurring effect. But just never implementing something for April 1st, Hallowe’en etc. Nah.


Toggle - agree. If you like riding with blurry graphics good luck to you, sir. It wasn’t fun for me this morning. It gave me a headache.

I’m not against marking calendar events but making the Zwift experience worse is a crap joke.


I have to agree, the wobbly graphics give me motion sickness :face_vomiting: It makes the service unusable - I pay for the service - I’m unimpressed :frowning:


Totally agree. If this i kind of april fooling, kick the ideamaker out. If it’s a technical issue, please correct as soon as possible. I stopped my workout afterhalf hour today, that ■■■■ graphic make me in a very bad mood.


Same here…


It’s a decent attempt at the mid-80’s, but not 1989 specifically. I did like the occasional “VHS tape stretch” graphic…brought back those memories of when the VCR would start eating the tape during your favorite movie. Liked the tube socks, kit colors were interesting, and bike graphics were NOT from 1989.

Listened to an 80’s playlist while riding this morning. The April Fool’s change is not for everyone, I know, but a little nostalgia for me was quite nice.

Now, where did I put my parachute pants…


Retro 80s worked well for Thor Ragnarok.

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Eric Min’s Zwifting playlist on Spotify has a lot of 80s. :smiley:

That’s what I’ll be listening to today!


I agree. I spent quite a bit of money on my Zwift rig and I did not appreciate the 1989 graphics last night… they are headache inducing on a large TV and my ride was ruined.

Read the (quarantine) room, Zwift.


Ah now, if it’s 80s playlists you’re after, may I shamelessly self-promote my 80s DJ sets on Soundcloud -

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Maybe you can ask for a permanently course with this , so we that not like it can go on as usual.

Wow…I can picture the hair-dos and outfits listening to that! Nice :+1:

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Agreed. Year after year resources go into creating one-day graphics, bikes/big wheels, avatars, kits, etc. while year-round deficiencies are neglected.


April fools, Halloween costumes, Christmas lights and New Year’s hats are part of Zwifts culture as a social platform. These are now traditions that we should enjoy together as one big Zwift family.