Reflecting back the Zwift Years

Not being controversial, I have blogged down amy perspectives about my virtual cycling journey…

I wish to make it clear that it is from my personal viewpoint and does not serve to bash, malign or offend anyone. You are free to disagree but I appreciate it can be done in a respectable and balanced manner.

To Moderators: If you feel this is inappropriate, feel free to shut it down.

Thank you.

Thanks Pat, enjoyed the read. Reminded me of how close I was to dusting the cobwebs off my rowing machine.

It also depressed me re lack of progress with the old school graphics - I have a bunch of mates that work at Weta Digital that use the tools (now sold to Unity - Unreal’s competition ) used that create Avatar/LoR’s etc and these guys just lol when I’ve shown a few of them Zwift. They joke “just give us a month or two and we’ll sort those graphics out”. Oh well, almost $30 a month to stay healthy is bearable for the time being.


Now that is a very interesting development but who is out there listening? :wink:

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