eSports cycling competition gets real! Zwift to offer yearly pricing?

Trying to write this as neutral as possible not to get banned by a mod. So here it goes! Unmentioned competition has yearly (with a $50 annual discount) and monthly pricing package options that also have a variety of other training aids in said package.

Looks like we know why Zwift is looking at TrainerRoad, and plans to release their hardware Zwiftly/Zoon. It would be great to had some micro and macro analysis of your training on the Zwift platform, not even premium Strava, GC or WKO5 level but at least a power curve that reports correctly? However I digress, I’m more keen to see what this forces Zwift to do to remain competitive on their pricing options now that a real competitor has emerged in the indoor cycling space.

Wahoo with SYSTM and now RGT could be competition for Zwift and TR, but it depends on a lot of things. Pricing matters, but RGT is early days ghost town like Zwift was years ago. RGT needs users/riders, but they need users/riders to attract more users/riders. Chicken egg problem.

Bottom line, competition is good! Hopefully, Wahoo can bring it and push Zwift to improve as well.


I’m always happy to see Zwift have viable competition so they can’t get too complacent. A reasonable amount of pressure is always good for improvement.

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I have been on Zwift long enough to appreciate the community spirit and enjoy the routes. Helping start our own club and unique events along the way across those years.

Recently moved to RGT so that I can train on the “actual” Cairns AUS Ironman route (a magic road). To say it’s boring as hell would be an understatement. Having their bot’s harass me throughout the ride is also more than annoying, when they’re not pushing 5w/kg that is. The lack of scenery and detail (I’m on ATV 4K) is a massive letdown as well and something that doesn’t make me want to come back very often.

I hope that they can improve their product with a little help from their new investor but I haven’t seen any outlandish statements that confirm those further improvements.

In the meantime I’ll just use music to keep me enthralled on my 100km rides in RGT.

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I loved the magic roads roads for a couple rides. It was far too lonely for me. Even with the ability to add up to 99 dumb bots that ride at a set w/kg which was really annoying. I love zwift because of the community that has evolved around it. Makes riding the trainer alone in my basement bearable.

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RGT needs routes and to clean up Magic Road generation. MR is a cool feature but not a streamlined process.

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Reddit has a bit to say about this though.

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with respect to the website as a whole, people on reddit are quite happy to write 50000 word essays about complete bullshit

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