Full Launch Feb 2015

Bike Radar has released a review which shows a price and a launch date of mid Feb. Is this accurate, do you have any further details of the launch you can share?

Will we all be moved to paid for platform, will more courses be released, etc.?

7 pounds a month, or most likely 10-12$ a month. They nailed the review and agree with 100% of what I think. Its a nice a “game” to socialize with other riders, but for those looking for more structure workouts and a true trainer program it falls short currently.

400$? Thats crazy and the product will be dead on arrival. Its a business, not an elitist cycling tool.

With bkool, trainnerroad, etc…all at 10-15$ a month, they cant go above that.

must be nice to throw around money like that…unfortunatly you are in the 1% here and the rest of the world with basic trainers and small bank accounts wont pay anything close to that

@Dickson That would be a swift end to Zwift.

There are two models. One is to sell the software up front and then allow people to use it online - that probably works when you’re going to sell a few million copies but not the case here.

The remaining option is to give people the software free or for a low cost and charge a subscription. A subscription to Xbox Live is $60-100 a year - how would Zwift justify charging four or five times that?

The market of people who spend 40 hours on a trainer each and every week over the whole year is pretty small to begin with.

The proportion of those who are willing to pay $400 in a lump sum, on top of what they are already paying for training programs, coaching and bike costs? A few hundred people would be my guess.

There’s also no way the program is ready for that sort of rollout. It would have to be totally slick, highly developed and completely bug-free to even begin to justify that sort of charge.

@Dickson, I am glad you are not in charge of setting prices for Zwift. There are many articles regarding Zwift that talk about $10.00 per month which is in line with TrainerRoad and TourdeGiro which currently support monthly payment plans. I personally prefer a monthly service plan and would not welcome an annual fee (unless significantly discounted from the monthly plan). As far as ‘overloading the system’, I have counted up to 70 people on the Island at any one time and that certainly does not look or feel overloaded to me at the present time.

I for one would rather put $400 towards a new bike than Zwift.

$10 a month I could probably get Mrs D to go along with much more than that and I might have to let either Zwift or my xbox live subscription go!

Don’t see anything wrong with discussing pricing. We are potentially their first paying customers and it’s a ready-made focus group.

If a bunch of people who are pre-disposed to like you indicate their critical price points and other issues then you’ve got some market intelligence along with the beta test feedback.

Pricing is never an internal issue, unless someone doesn’t care whether or not they have buyers.

I like Zwift. Would be willing to pay $10 a month if and when they add structured workout capability or the ability to overlay a structured workout from another program (like Perfpro that I use now). Not a chance I’d pay $400 a year. Ever. Especially when most of us sane cyclists would be mostly riding outside most months in the year.

Come on Zwift, we know you’ve read this thread :wink: … You’re not going to leave a 16 post thread hanging with no reply are you??

I am assuming that they will wait until there is a Mac version before releasing v1.0. As much as I am enjoying the Zwift experience, I would not pay $400. I could stomach $10-15 per month, though I’m sure my usage will be highly seasonal and may depend on the local effects of global warming.

Zwift have already stated $10 per month… It’s in the press pack

The article says nothing about a launch date, FYI.

The 1st paragraph of the BikeRadar article states: ‘It’s now hoping to open the doors, with a public launch this month.’ (http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/category/accessories/training-software/product/review-zwift-zwift-49225/)

Although it doesn’t mention a specific date, I would have interpreted this as a February launch date.

Just want to point out, as I was a little confused coming into this thread, the $400 dollar number you see has not come from the article or Zwift but a personal comment made by another beta tester.