Things are about to get competitive around here

Hopefully this might lead to both platforms driving each other forwards

not long read this, and was wondering if it would get brought up on here but might finally give zwift a kick up the backside with regards to improvements, cant see it happening but you never know


“In any case, without giving specifics, Wahoo says they plan to iterate very quickly, and will be aiming to deliver key new features to RGT that go to the core of areas, not just ones that the RGT racing base have asked for, but also specifics that the Zwift Community/Racing Core have asked for but haven’t yet been delivered on Zwift. Said differently, it sounds like Wahoo is basically trawling the Zwift forums for the features that Zwifters have been asking for, but ones that have been ignored. Expect those to be implemented first.


Hold on. You’re saying someone besides us reads this forum? I’m not sure I believe that… :laughing:


Sometimes even I don’t read my posts!


Do we need to worry about Wahoo trainer compatibility on Zwift because of this news? :nerd_face:

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Probably more likely Zwift will flex its muscles and say they want exclusivity with other trainer companies.

Competition is healthy. :+1:


I hope this lights a fire under Zwift.

Conversely, I tried RGT the other week and wasn’t impressed - it just felt cold and soulless. I think Wahoo’s got their work cut out for them if they want to convert Zwift users.


It’s about time!

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I’ve done a race on there and the pack dynamics are vastly different, I think wahoo will be able to market it and get it running closer to what people want fairly quickly

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Should Zwift start asking for category enforcement?

BTW, Wahoo is already the official trainer sponsor of the UCI. You do the math…


Zwift: 4 bots and hundreds of human riders.
RGT: 4 humans and hundreds of bots

I tried RGT and I did like it, but not enough to pay for it at this point. Drafting and pacelines are actually realistic, and bike speeds are closer to what you’d see outdoors. It does feel a bit sterile though - Zwift is just cartoonish enough to keep things entertaining, and there weren’t many group rides/activities (at least, not in my time zone). Once they get the community/social thing figured out, it should be a strong competitor.

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This is the biggest barrier to me using it. I’ve tried it several times, but it never felt close to the social experience of Zwift. If there were any other riders around, they were far ahead or far behind me.

But if they can get bums on seats, it’s a reasonable platform. I just wish they’d fix the look and feel of cornering.


Did not see that coming…

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at least when the app crashes for the 50th time in as many minutes wahoo will be able to provide excellent customer support for their scuffed product


Yes to both of those.

RGT’s two biggest problems:

  • It’s ghost town for free-riding;
  • The Uncanny Valley” - even with more “realistic” graphics than Zwift, RGT’s visuals are borderline creepy.

Regardless of it running on an AppleTV with a Basic graphic profile or on a PC with the Ultra profile in 4k Ultra-HD: Zwift looks fun and game-like.


Depending on what those features are, how quickly and how well they are implemented, I could definitely see this leading to some people using RGT more. Maybe not completely switching as I’d guess the overall experience will be quite different for a while, but may cause people to look who hadn’t previously bothered.

I don’t necessarily think it’ll lead to any sort of exodus. Particularly with communities or teams; getting everyone to jump platform is a tough job (I have experience of this, although the exodus I led was a gaming forum community).

Still, as someone has already said, competition is a Good Thing. Feature requests have languished, even some very popular ones. That’s in part because Zwift has been the big dog, able to site on their laurels without any serious competition; but also because a lot of the focus has been on growing the userbase rather than servicing existing users.

Ultimately, we should all benefit. Some by finding a more suitable platform, and others by increased competition leading to improvements in Zwift.

RGT is definitely the better platform for racing, both when it comes to integrity thanks to server-side rider positioning as well as the physics model and the infinite variety in courses that create more interesting races (breakaways! more than one crit course! elimination races!). Obviously it does not have the same kind of crowds or a community ecosystem on the same level as Zwiftpower, yet, anyway.

I should hope Wahoo concentrate on developing a training and racing platform, not a social network.