Things are about to get competitive around here

Yeah, they were trainer partner for the Esports World Champs weren’t they? Whether it means the UCI would be inclined to move to RGT as a platform remains to be seen. Zwift already have made a lot of changes to support Esports coverage that RGT would have to implement before I could see them being a viable choice.

Yeah, and for all other UCI events, changed from Tacx to Wahoo about a year ago.

A lot of Zwift’s e-racing coverage enhancements are just eye candy (what looks like entirely different graphics for all the worlds), I’d say just hiding some of the kludges in current RGT coverage and adding more conventional overlays would go a long way… (A better director for the broadcast would be nice as well, and a commentary that does not just sound like one long infomercial.)

Zwift has the mass of users but It stopped being innovative years ago & is afraid to make changes. RGT has fewer users but are agile and responsive to their users.

Things will hopefully become a bit more lively…

If I was a betting man, id expect a rush of new features about August \ September… (who knows if they will work)

As soon as Wahoo’s servers get overloaded from a mass influx of people they will have some of the same issues as Zwift. The key will be who reacts better and faster. Maybe they are built on a better platform that will be able to handle the influx and react better. Only time will tell.

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I’m surprised Zwift didn’t buy RGT and kill it off, lol

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RGT being Unity (IIRC) might make it easier to do cool stuff - as well as find developers who already know how to develop for the system perhaps.

Whether it’s a spaghetti mess under the hood, who knows?


as someone who races constantly and built almost all of my strength and fitness from zwift racing, i can’t imagine the appeal of ever wanting to watch a zwift race


Also does this mean that Zwift will now pull the trigger and buy TrainerRoad?


This is better news than Zwift actually delivering some new functionality for the first time in years. Hopefully it will force some real focus and resource towards THE ACTUAL GAME as opposed to being purely marketing led. Before if Zwift didn’t do it, no-one would, so they could easily rest on the laurels. Hopefully with the money Wahoo can put behind RGT, now Zwift will need to lead with the product or risk a significant exodus.


No-ones servers are getting overloaded. It’s not 2003.


Just used that as an example…the key takeaway is the more users you have the more complicated things get.

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Zwift has never care about serious training (not even racing): the platform plans, workouts, and FTP tests are a joke -only the truly amateur would follow them. Too much focus on activism too little time on developing a training platform. Super excited that Wahoo is targeting not just the virtual cycling world but also the training one all at the same price… I’ll stick with Zwift until my IRL mid-year racing is done, but most probably switch afterwards… I have used Zwift for too long for the same old same old…
Obviously, it would take Wahoo a while to find synergies and merge the two platforms, but long-term Zwift is dead…

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zwift has no muscle to flex :wink:

Yeah, different platforms serve different purposes. Expecting Wahoo to turn RGT into a Zwift clone (only better) sounds like a recipe for failure and I certainly hope they won’t even try. I think Zwift will remain the best Zwift on the market for the foreseeable future. Of course, in the end, the question is if people actually want Zwift or something else…


I certainly want Zwift, but only if it’s reliable and robust and I don’t think that’s the case at the moment.

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For racing maybe, but I (for one) am not interested in that.

I have an RGT subscription, started a couple of weeks ago just to try it out and have found the free riding on there utterly dispiriting, not least because once on a route I can’t even just decide to take a different turn to another part of the world, but also the lack of other humans on the road. The only reason I didn’t cancel before the end of the trial was because I want to give the Magic Roads thing a try.

Beyond that, Wahoo will have to make some serious changes to RGT to get me to switch … but then options are always nice. I don’t see why the takeover of RGT and future development needs (or would even see the need for) Zwift to die. Especially if they are focussing on racing and serious training.

Of course, in the end, the question is if people actually want Zwift or something else…

I want Zwift with RGT’s physics :grin:.


they just laid off a bunch of staff (if it’s RGT related, i’m not sure) so i wouldn’t get my hopes up

I am quite happy with Zwift, to be honest. If Wahoo come up with something truly amazing that does everything Zwift does and more I would look at switching. If it focusses on racing and serious training, not so much.

The market definitely has room for both to be successful in different demographics.

Yeah I think Wahoo/RGT might go for more “serious” cyclists with training plans and racing and stuff and zwift will be the slightly lighter/fun side of training. maybe?

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