Digital Rowing

(Raymond Wright) #1

The Digital Rowing site ( has a LOT of experience in the stuff you all are doing. Granted they have it easy since there is a limited number of people in each race and everyone has the same equipment. But, I was thinking you all may want to poke around and see how they do stuff like set up rows.

LOVING the Beta test. Thanks

(Eric Min) #2

Will have a look. Thanks!

(Chris Hushnrun) #3

Just ridden my first lap of The Island, but I have been using RowPro (Digital Rowing) for six or seven years. Pam and the team at RowPro are super helpful, def lots of parallels between the platforms.

Although I have only ridden one lap, I am impressed with Zwift. Especially good to see how many features you have included on the Beta version. Fantastic call to pair it with Strava. Can’t wait to see how it evolves.

(Chad H) #4

Not trying to take anything away from Digital Rowing, but they work with a single vendor (Concept2) that has been doing this for years. The ergs have been able to be linked for head to head racing (aka erg sprints) for years. DR adds a great visualization to it as Erg Sprints, like sitting on a trainer, can get very boring without external stimulation. This weekend is actual the SE erg sprints in Melbourne, FL in prep for Crash-Bs. DR would make the spectators view of the heats more enjoyable.

(Raymond Wright) #5

I agree the rowing folks has it easy, they are able to set up races and other events very well. I love my Zwift, but as of not the community part is lacking