Rowing on Zwift?

Quite a few people have connected rowers, but as far as I have seen, the interface is either a pretty basic metrics app or a Pelton-esque coached group session. I think there may be a group that already has one of these machines that might like to row through the waters of Watopia. Zwift is world class in creating VR events, so competition should be great as well. Any thoughts?

Search the forum. Lots of other posts about rowing. Was supposed to happen earlier this year, but radio silence since it was announced. One of the many Zwift gripes.

Eric Min said it won’t be coming soon, he wants to focus on making the core product, cycling, better for new users. He mentioned this on the Thanksgiving day ride.

Thanks for the heads up. Been cycling for a couple of years on Zwift, recently running and was actually asking for my wife as she prefers rowing. Hopefully it will gain enough traction to move forward!