Zwift Triathalon (row, bike, run)

(JT Mayne) #1

I have seen posts proposing a Concept II rower connection to make good use of all that water around Watopia.  This is a great idea, now here’s another one.  Many sporty homes (mine included) and health clubs have smart bike trainers, controllable treadmills and C-II ergs.  Put it together and you could create the worlds first multiplayer virtual triathalon course.  Would be seriously epic, and would draw in a whole new group of cross-training Zwifties.

(Paul Allen) #2

I think duathlons will be coming to Zwift once the running feature gets released (it’s in pre-beta right now).

(Dan McAvoy ECC) #3

Agree JT. Excellent idea. That would be a great addition to bring in the rowing portion via Concept II compatibility. I know some basic programs exist that do this today for the erg but to add it to zwift would make for a great triathlon opportunity. Hopefully there is enough interest to spark them to try it.