Zwift Rowing in Weeks? Eric Min

Really interesting interview and insight into Eric’s thoughts. He mentions rowing coming to Zwift in a matter of weeks (55 minutes in)

He also mentions the World Championships and also tennis!!!

I’d take the timeline with a pinch of salt. Eric often talks about things coming to zwift…some even turn up…but timelines don’t always coincide with what he says. Rowing is definitely coming, in fact some of the assets are already in the game. I fell rowing is better suited to zwift than running.Somehow, running indoors just doesn’t translate well to zwift imo, but I really feel that like cycling, rowing will be a really good fit. Fingers crossed it does come in the next few weeks.


You can already row on Zwift (I have done so with a Concept 2 rower) but your avatar is a cyclist.
It will be nice to see them give a unique rowing profile to users.


Ive used a couple of methods (CABLE dongle and PainSled) and whilst its a lot of fun. I am eagerly awaiting the ability to

  1. Not have to deal with elevation
  2. Set FTP specific to rowing and not have it use my riding one
  3. Have XP correlate with rowing distance
  4. See how the SPM is handled
  5. Ability to do Zwift Workouts on my ERG
  6. Possibility to do races in the future
  7. Not sure what will be possible for comms side cause I find it next to impossible to do ride on texting etc whilst on a rower / I guess discord etc …
  8. With CABLE whilst I prefer it as an interface it doesnt auto shut off and am interested to see what it does with the PM5 (presumably easiest since they already support bikeerg)

Row on Zwift and thank you !!!


Same here, I’ve used a couple of ways to get on zwift with a rower but this could well be a game changer! Plus the ability to row on “water” and not on tarmac on a bike is another thing and to hopefully have a rowing FTP rather than merge the two. Fingers crossed it does get updated after the TdF!


Really hoping this is true. Not prepared to subscribe until rowing is added!! Concept 2 with PM5 and AppleTV ready and waiting!!


Really hope this is coming and hope Zwift have not (no pun intended) missed the boat not having this ready for lockdown. I’ve a competitive rower in the family and they’ve been on zoom calls for group rowing workouts during lockdown.
Their rowing club lent out the 20 or so C2 rowers they had to members to use at home, others already have at-home machines so from one club, 50 or so people ready and waiting to use a software solution. I’d not be surprised if zwift rowing grows to something more sustainable than running, mainly because quite a lot of rowers have a setup (C2 + PM5) that can transmits power out of the box to zwift (ANT+ dongle maybe needed).


It’s probably worth noting that the (cancelled) 2020 World Rowing Championships at Lake Bled, Slovenia, were due to take place in 3 weeks time (16-23 August.)
If Zwift were going to be launching rowing, that would seem to be a good time to do so!

Their rowing club lent out the 20 or so C2 rowers they had to members to use at home, others already have at-home machines so from one club, 50 or so people ready and waiting to use a software solution.

Sure, I’ll rather ride then run on Zwift but time on threadmill is much more fun and easy to do thanks to Zwift. Rowing I’ll think will be a game changer, the small PM5 monitor don’t make rowing so fun, so I use to watch “bad” movies on NetFlix while rowing = not many hard workouts, with Zwift I hope there will be a change in that.
Set up a personal Tri-event would be a nice next step :slight_smile:


It’s Friday so maybe there will be an update today but there is no indication of that so I asked
How long is a few weeks?

Just got my Concept2 + PM5 cannot wait to use it un Zwift.

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Concept2 + PM5 waiting to use it Zwift :slight_smile:

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Also waiting impatiently.

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Another week passes and rowing has not been released.

It’s Friday again tomorrow, I would offer to make a bet but I think the odds are so stacked against it being released it wouldn’t be fair!

Another Concept2 + PM5 user over here willing to use it on zwift…

Please release the rowing option, even if it is still in a very early beta stage.

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apparently nothing is even available right now.
reddit: /r/Rowing/comments/i43tb4/more_news_about_rowing_coming_to_zwift/g1whvr1/

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If zwift rowing is really coming and “a few weeks away”, it must be available as some form of beta.

If that is the case, why not have it as a future works function, get users to test it and provide feedback?

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I’d certainly volunteer.