Did new update ruin Apple TV graphics?

Rode today, 1st time since the update, and the bikes look like their from Atari.

What happened to the graphics?

Check today’s date.

Steve, Not follow you. What do you mean “check today’s date”?

It’s the first of April. Lots of goings on this day every year.

It’s April Fools day.  Zwift does something every year.  Your thought’s on Atari are bang on.  Atari’s Paperboy.  Back in the 80’s.

See this from Zwiftinsider.com


WOW there is no way i would of figured that out.  thanks for clarifying.

I guess Zwift pulled it off.  I made the Atari comparison not knowing what was going on and now feeling very old as well.   Real bad timing for me with the 1st ride after update  and april fools joke on same day.  I was confident it was a update/Apple TV issue.  I was ready to buy a dedicated PC for zwift.    

Hi Mike

You were not alone, many others had tried resetting re-installing or just giving up before realising this was Zwift’s latest attempt at a prank.

Zwift need to remember April Fools and similar pranks when played out can normally be laughed at and then disregarded, turn-over to the next page, kinda thing. Forcing your customer-vase to drown in your prank whether they want to or not is not a prank in any sense of the word.

This while there exists a major audio bug since the last update. Seems like a business model in need of a debug too. <sigh>

With you on the dedicated PC though. VirtuGo is on the horizon :slight_smile: