Post March Update: Bikes (only!) heavily pixellated Mac OS 10.13.3

(Richard Kelly) #1

Post latest update, bikes look like this…

All other graphics seem fine!



(T Van Klyck) #2

I have the same problem on Apple tvOS.

(Geoffrey Easton ZHR G) #3

Could be something to do with the date…

(Richard Kelly) #4

I did wonder that, as we know there often little ‘treats’ from the Zwift team…!

What I didn’t admit was that I’d hacked my graphics prefs, so thought it might be a case of '“more fool me”…!

(Christopher Flood) #5

Same issue for me. I hope it is an April Fool, or at least resolved soon. 

(Paul Allen) #6

It’s April Fools Day and Zwift decided to do something fun like they do every year, plus there’s a chance at gaining some XP. Seems cyclist have no sense of humor.

BTW, it’s a call back to the old Paperboy game.

(Jarek Poswiata [C#]) #7

Is there any map with “squirrels” to be thrown with the newspaper?

I’ve found probably 7 of them (but there are 8 icons). I was “cheating” a bit (I have counted the one at start banner two of three times…). All the icons are marked with green “tick”… nothing but 500xp points?

(P MAC) #8

Some people are so thick. 

(Tara Cocke) #9

Question: how are the bike colors designated for today’s ride? By what level the rider has achieved? My bike was orange and my bf’s was blue. I am level 14 and he is at level 10. Not that it is important, but I wanted a different color bike (I liked the teal/light blue one). 

(Djfk Würzburg) #10

The same look by Rides with Windows 10, and IPad pro 10.5. Terrible!

(Jarek Poswiata [C#]) #11

for all very disappointed this bike will be forever :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lewis Levin) #12

Another bad upgrade with bad QA.  Com’on Zwift.  Just run the software a second to check it.

(Lewis Levin) #13

Further:  text overlaps at the bottom of the settings panel.

The icon bar keeps popping up and then disappearing.


let’s have a setting for autohide the icon bar that actually works.

Rushed error prone release is spoiling an otherwise really wonderful product.

Focus.  Focus.  Quality.

(C hris Strub) #14

It will all be back to normal.

Check this out.

(C hris Strub) #15