1989 Graphics Why!

I am not adverse to a little April Fools fun, but when it makes the riding experience not enjoyable is where I draw the line. Did anyone else ride though the volcano today with these crappy graphics? The ghosting and blurring with the lava was highly distracting and nauseous. As someone who thinks of the 80’s as their decade (this was when I was in my late teens and early 20’s) I thought that the kits were kind of fun and brought back memories of what we wore back then. However the blurring graphics and ghosting made riding less enjoyable.


Why would I ask for it permanently?

As a partial workaround, you can join an event and then quit it.

I don’t know if it works with all events, but it seems to work with Tour of Watopia. I joined a ToW event for free XP. I was put in ToW kit and without the April Fool’s 80’s mod. I quit in disappointment, and it put me back in my standard kit with normal graphics.

Of course, you’re left riding on Watopia which is no use if you wanted London.

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You are spot on. photosensitivity induced seizures is a real thing

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I never said it was a perfect family :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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That is factually correct. I am disappointed in Zwift’s values in choosing to put energy into those features rather than into avatars, hair styles, bike styles, etc. that better reflect actual Zwifters.

Multiple requests for hand cycles go back into beta days, at least back as far as July 2015. It’s long past time to deliver. For example:

That was in the Super Common Feature Requests carried over from the earlier forum: Hand-cycles in game: Handcycle Avatar


Why not if you think it’s so funny.

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Because it’s a temporary overlay for April 1st. :man_shrugging:

Just because I’m not opposed to it, doesn’t mean I want it all the time. :roll_eyes:


So how does this hack work if you wanted to do a workout???

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It doesn’t.

Agreed 100%! In this day of age where the Paralympics are getting much more attention and marketing, I’m surprised we aren’t there yet. Zwift, I’m happy to help.

I lasted 15 mins, blurred vision, dizzy. Had to keep looking away from the screen and an hour later I’m still lay down feeling seriously poorly. It’s bad enough with lockdown, shocking idea zwift. Haven’t left the house for 5 days, who in their right mind thought the dodgy graphics was a good idea. Great for morale, well done Zwift!!


I just found out it was an April Fool joke.
I was trying to ride at 6:20 this morning and attempted to change frames twice and thought I was entered in a another challenge with the auto frame selection turned on.
I gave up and just did the ride (up the alpe) thinking I wanted to work out more than figure out what was going on. I had a good ride and won the cartoon lightweight wheels again an now have 3 sets!
I figured it was like the Cape challenge and just had bugs and would not work since I was using an ipad and was a wasted effort on their part. I feel like a fool but with the virus and earthquake here yesterday I was happy to ride. I had told my wife after the ride went ok for early morning but I was stuck in a bad cartoon.

Not a great idea Zwift :angry: found the whole blurred vision quite bad on my eyes and felt nauseous, fine for the kit and frame but like others above not the right time to do something like this when we are all on lockdown. Could have been such a good opportunity to give people a lift. Shame.

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Looking at Shane’s video it does not that bury.

Watch in 4k pretty awesome.

I only saw it for 5 mins (warmup, disappointed to see it was disabled for the race) myself but I don’t really understand what the big deal is. How did everybody survive watching VHS tapes back in the day? Heck, even quite a few DVDs have worse image quality than this (minus the analog effects).

I do have to register a complaint about the anachronistic Campy Skeleton brakes, though.


At least it wasn’t 8-bit, otherwise it would’ve been like this:


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That was 2018: https://zwiftinsider.com/youll-never-guess-what-zwift-rolled-out-for-april-fools/


From a 4K device. Blurred

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