Zwift HUB Quick Realese adapter issues

Having Difficulties removing Quick Realese adapter, there is not enough gap to use provided wrench to remove adapter .

Hi @Yusuf_Zengin welcome to Zwift forums.

When you purchased the trainer - I am assuming you ordered one with a gear cassette preinstalled? How many speeds does it have?

The provided wrench should fit on the axle end as shown in our how-to video. Is that not the case? Can you provide a snapshot so we can see what’s happening?

It’s a 12 speed

Yes I purchased it with 12 gear cassette. Adapter is all the way in . There is not enough space for the wrench to have a grip . See picture .

I have difficulty removing the quick release adapter. I need to switch it to thru Axle. Adapter is all the way in so the wrench cannot hold onto it to open it up.

What sort of trainer are you talking about?

The new Zwift Hub

Can somebody merge this thread with the one the OP had already created.


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You’ll have to remove the cassette, using a lockring tool and a chain whip.

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I finally got the tools was able to switch the adapter . Now sram force does not run smooth on the 12 gear that has beer provided with the Hub.

So I need to purchase a new pice to switch the casette with a sram compatible one ?

Sorry there is no SRAM compatible cassette with for the Zwift Hub at this time (except the SRAM PG-1230 which has 11-50 gearing - probably of no use to you). With careful adjustment you may be able to get better shifting, but it’s not going to be perfect. To get perfect shifting with a 12 speed SRAM drivetrain, you’ll need an XDR freehub for the trainer so you can run a SRAM cassette. No such freehub is currently available.

Hi Yusuf,

is it correct you don’t use your QR adapter?

I bought a hub second handed but the QR adapter is missing.

If you don’t need it, can i buy it from you?


Ronald Cappendijk