Quick release Adapter too tight

Today I received the Zwift Hub One, complete 1 ride on my bike with quick-release (because in comes with that adapter pre-installed). Then I wanted to try my other bike with the thru axle, but the quick-release adapter is too tight, actually that tight that I immediately stripped the adapter. The adapter is quite deep in the cog wheel, so there is very little grip on the not so very accurate wrench that comes with the Zwift Hub. Now I’m sitting in the room with a trainer I cannot change the adapter on. Any ideas? I feel like I just wasted my money on something that needed more r’n’d before going to public.

that’s a pain. what i would try is going to the hardware store and getting a big pipe wrench as they have very aggressive teeth to grip with. Krank it down as tight as possible before turing. You could also spray a little WD40 on the adapter before trying. I hope it works.

Same problem, I could copy paste your images… Did you find a solution? Thanks, Jan

Same issue. Have a through axle bike, am not able to use the hub because of this issue. Very disappointing.

You’ll find a lot more info on this at Zwift HUB Quick Realese adapter issues