Quick release Adapter too tight

Today I received the Zwift Hub One, complete 1 ride on my bike with quick-release (because in comes with that adapter pre-installed). Then I wanted to try my other bike with the thru axle, but the quick-release adapter is too tight, actually that tight that I immediately stripped the adapter. The adapter is quite deep in the cog wheel, so there is very little grip on the not so very accurate wrench that comes with the Zwift Hub. Now I’m sitting in the room with a trainer I cannot change the adapter on. Any ideas? I feel like I just wasted my money on something that needed more r’n’d before going to public.

that’s a pain. what i would try is going to the hardware store and getting a big pipe wrench as they have very aggressive teeth to grip with. Krank it down as tight as possible before turing. You could also spray a little WD40 on the adapter before trying. I hope it works.

Same problem, I could copy paste your images… Did you find a solution? Thanks, Jan

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Same issue. Have a through axle bike, am not able to use the hub because of this issue. Very disappointing.

You’ll find a lot more info on this at Zwift HUB Quick Realese adapter issues

I have the same issue. How can I remove this quick release adapter?

I have the same issue…

Same problem just occured :rage:

Just received my Hub One and cannot free (despite many attempts) the QR adapter to allow through axel to be fitted… anyone had this problem? feels like it is over tightened or cross threaded… :thinking:

It’s a common defect.

I’ve contacted Zwift and asked them to collect and remove adapter as it is now shredded having tried any number of wrenches… local bike shop say return to Zwift as next step would be to drill out… not a good start for a brand new product…

I haven’t heard of this problem with the Kickr Core that they also sell, so if you’re not wedded to the idea of the Hub trainer you might ask for a Kickr Core to replace it.

I’ll see what they offer to fix the problem… frustrating as should be working off those extra mince pies…

Hi David,

I received a HUB One yesterday, all works well for my partner but like yourself my bike requires a thru axle and the QR adapter is also stuck, it feels like its been over tightened, not happy and you can’t seem to be able to call Zwift on email them…

Very disappointed.

You should be able to get through to them by persisting with the chat bot until it gives up and prompts you to file a support request. You will have to be very persistent.

My feeling is that all these trainers should be returned in order to motivate the company to address this issue properly. It’s been going on for months. I’m sure many more people are affected by this who aren’t even aware of it yet. They may find out years from now when they buy their first through-axle bike. There’s going to be a steady drip of these cases for many years even if they stop making this manufacturing mistake now.


The chat bot is just as bad as the QR adaptor… hmm not impressed with Zwift so far!

Will try and get a replacement but what’s to say the same won’t happen again… :man_facepalming:

Zwift also sells the Kickr Core. Ask for what you want.

Hi… just had a reply from Zwift… first suggestion was to remove the cassette, so had to point out it is a Hub One… next suggestion is to apply anti-adhesive / wash with soap and water… so will give that a go… at least it will be shiny and clean…

Yes it is terrible! I typed in “hub stuck qr adapter” and kept choosing “no this wasn’t helpful” 3 or 4 times… then it seemed to be stuck so I chose purchase issue, then return items, then zwift hub, then damaged parts, and it finally let me choose to submit an email to support… They really need to do something about the support chat bot, it is very difficult to navigate.