Pre-installed spacer on one hub

I have watched the video to mount the bike to the trainer and the preinstalled hub on the drive side is “simply removed”, when i do it with the wrench I get no movement of the pre-installed hub and fear I will round the bolt? What am I missing?-this is the one hub, with the built in single cog

If you’re trying to remove the quick release adapter to mount a thru-axle bike on the trainer, you might be running into this issue:

Note that Zwift and Wahoo just released a single-cog version of the Kickr Core, so if you can’t resolve it you might try asking them to exchange it for one of those.

thanks, so its not just me…seems like a pretty stupid flaw to have

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Hi there. It’s Juan here a Zwift colleague. Many thanks for pointing out your issue with the drive side adapter. Unlucky, this is an issue that has affected a few members. We have your back, try to loosen the adapter with soap and water or an anti-adhesive before using the wrench to remove the adapter. If after that you are still unable to removing. Please write in We will be delighted to give you personalized assistance.