Zwift Hub 12 Speed Cassette and Thru Axle

I just received my Zwift Hub with a 12 speed cassette installed.

My bike uses a thru axle instead of a quick release which requires the remove of the quick release adapter and installation of the thru axle adapter. The instructions indicates the use of the supplied wrench to remove the adapter. However, the adapter does not protrude far enough to get a sufficient grip on the lug…

Fortunately I am moderately capable so decided to remove the installed cassette to get a better grip on the adapter lug. I have a Shimano hub lug and chain whip in my toolkit so did the removal on my own. Less capable customers should head to the nearest shop for assistance. Unfortunately I did not have a plastic cassette keeper this allows it to be removed without rings and spacers flying in all directions. Especially difficult if you do not lay the Zwift on its side as is recommended on rear wheel servicing and life straight up.

Once removed the wrench had enough bite to remove the quick release adapter and properly replace with the thru axle. one. Re-assembling the cassette is tricky requiring proper order of the rings and spacers (thanks to You Tube video) then securing the locking ring.

Proper instructions for 12 speed thru axle customers would have been helpful. Better yet would be to ship the 12 speed Zwift with the thru axle adapter already installed. It is clear that the powers at Zwift have contended with similar problems and created the Zwift Hub One with virtual gearing.

I am new to the Zwift world and expect to encounter other shortcomings but glad that this challenge is behind me.