Can’t remove pre installed Quick Realese adapter from zwift cog

I received my zwift hub today and I’m finding it Impossible to remove the pre installed quick release adapter. I’ve tried pliers and a number of different wrench techniques but have been unsuccessful in all attempts. It looks like the classic hub would have this issue from time to time but was able to bypass by removing the entire cassette from the hub. I have not seen away to remove the zwift cog entirely without first removing the adapter.

Any ideas on how to remove this quick release adapter??

I think video is wrong, I needed a whip to remove my preinstalled cassette

That’s with the hub one you needed a whip? Or is that with the standard cassette?

The 8 speed cassette hub that was preinstalled with my hub need a whip to remove the cassette to install the cog

Did you ever figure this out? Having the same issue.

Nope ended up returning that zwift and having a replacement sent out.

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