Quick release adapter removal

Hello all,

My new zwift hub just arrived with a 12 speed cassette pre installed. The cassette is flush with the quick release adapter and it’s impossible to get a wrench on the flats to remove the quick release adapter.

Has anyone had this issue/worked out a solution?


One option would be to remove the cassette. You’ll need a Shimano compatible lockring tool and a chain whip. I don’t have that trainer so I’m not sure if there’s an easier way.


Hi Paul, thanks for the suggestion. I tried that last night, I think the quick release adapter prevents it from coming out. 2 people, one one the chain whip one on the cassette tool couldn’t get the cassette to budge. So it’s that or the factory way over torqued it.

My guess is it’s just super tight. If you can get the lockring tool on the lockring, nothing related to the axle should stop the lockring from unscrewing.

I think the adapters are not screwed in, they just slip on. So possibly if you pull the adapter off the non-drive side, you might be able to use a skewer or anything you can fit through there to push the other adapter off…? (I’m guessing here - haven’t done it.)

EDIT: Oh it looks like I’m wrong and they are threaded: Setting Up Your Zwift Hub

is there a solution? I have the exact same problem. My Zwift Hub arrived today, but exact same problem as described above :frowning:.

Hi there !

I have the same exact problem with my Zwift Hub.

It’s impossible to change de quick release adapter because it’s not accessible with the tool…

Anyone got a solution ?

Removing the cassette is the only solution that has been offered so far.

Actually I managed to get it out with a wrench and a cloth (so as it doesn’t damage the cassette) !
But it was way too tight from the factory.

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Hi! Can i know what exactly you have done? I am dealing with the same problem :frowning:

I was able to get it by grabbing the small end sticking out as hard as I could with a wrench and that did the trick. Damaged the adapter a bit but I didn’t need it.

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I am having the same problem, how did you get it out with using a cloth?

Same problem here :frowning: I also tried to remove the cassette and it seems to be over torqued- really disappointing.

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Same challenge here. Honestly disappointed that this is such a challenge. Anyone else got a tip to remove it?

Same issue here… Have you gotten somewhere with customer service? I would hate to send the whole thing back for this, but I would not want to compromise my warranty by removing it improperly.

Your other option is to take it to a bike shop to remove the cassette so you can get at the QR adapter.

It would be very difficult to damage the trainer by removing the cassette.

A user on Facebook reported that their bike shop said the cassette lockring was over-torqued. That would explain why some users have had such a hard time removing the cassette in order to get at the QR adapter.

I confirm that the only solution that worked for me was the cassette removal by a local bike store. Incredibly annoying start!

Thank you both, I’ll try the local bike shop.

In fairness zwift sent me a replacement hub - with the same issue…

Hi David,

is it correct you don’t use your QR adapter?

I bought a hub second handed but the QR adapter is missing.

If you don’t need it, can i buy it from you?



I had the same problem. Very frustrating. I used a pliers to grab onto the small round knob that protruded out. I was able to loosen and get it out. Scratched and gouged the adapter, but I don’t need it (and probably would still work if I did need it).

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Urgh. Same problem here. Exactly as described above with the 12 speed cassette pre-installed. What a bummer. Zwift need to fix this.