Adapter quick release

Hi there,

Hope you can help me. I bought a zwift hub second handed and was about to get ready to rock.

Unfortunately I found out its missing the adapter for the quick release which normaly is standard secures on the hub, see picture.

Can anyone’s please help me by deliver this part?
I really hope so otherwise I just lost a lot of money.
I understand the part and sending will cost money.

Best regards,

Ronald Cappendijk

Have you tried contacting Zwift support? Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift

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Which part is missing? the QR lever? If so then you can use any standard road bike rear QR will fit. any local bike shop will have a few in a parts bin somewhere.

No, its the part which is standard already on the hub and ready gor quick release axel. So its the part where the axel of QR goes through. It has a thinner opening then the one for a THRU AXEL

In the photo you posted, it looks like the quick-release adapter is present. The thru-axle adapter would have a much larger hole.

That’s a photo from the internet to show the piece i am missing. See enclosed picture, that how its looks like at mine Hub.

Anyone from who i can buy the Quick Release adapter?

I am missing mine .



Ah, ok. I thought the original photo was one you had taken. I can only suggest contacting Zwift, or the person from whom you purchased the unit. They may have just forgotten to send the QR parts.

Hi @Ronald_Cappendijk, Im your same situation. Have you found a solution? Thanks

Yes, i contacted the service desk of zwift and they send me a complete new adapter set. Great service en quick response. Good luck