Zwift hub connected but no movement

Hey guys, am new to Zwift, I have everything connected, light is blue on hub, I see the screen and all seems to function, but pedaling does not register anywhere. No wattage, no cadance…and no movement on screen.
Any idea?

Hello @Sjef_Beekmans, welcome to the forums. Please give us more info about your setup.

Appreciate any help Mike, thanks.
I’ve tried to run it on my Android phone and it works there, not yet on my tablet, so while I have updated the app to the latest it probably has something to do with the tablet.

What type of tablet? You may need to allow Zwift to use “location” for the bluetooth to work.

Figured it out Mike, the tablet itself was supposed to Auto update but hadn’t. Next time you’ll be flying by I’ll get you a drink, thanks again!

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