Zwift Hardware not found

Hey there,

I’ve been using the Zwift Hub since it came out and everything went smoothly untill what it feels like the last firmware update. (I use the Samsung Galaxy A80 tablet)

Since I did the update, the ZwiftHub 95% of the time gives ‘failure to connect’.
The 5% of the times it worked, I didn’t know what the cause of it was that caused it to work.

Next, I deinstalled Zwift and the Companion App.

When I try to find my ZwiftHub hardware on the Companion App, I get asked 4/5 times to connect to ZwiftHub and then it just freezes and I have to retry to find said Zwifthub.
The trainer gives the blue flickering light so it should be in pairing state but nope, can’t connect to the Hub, reason unknown.

If I use the Zwift app with the companion app closed, it recognizes the Zwifthub, it can connect to it but after a few seconds it says ‘not connected’ and then the ‘failure to connect’ once in game.

Can somebody please help me on this?
Kind of scratching my head on this… .