Zwift Game Release: Oct 1, 2018

(Sam Fielder) #83

iPad mini 4 ( one on iOS 12 one on 11 )
I’m pairing fine but having resistance issues and occasionally I find that the “controllable” option is disconnected but the power option remains.

Note my setup is for wahoo kickr not kinetic.

One kickr snap that I’ve had for a year without issues and a new kickr , I’ve run through all of the wahoo troubleshooting short of filing a ticket with them including making sure the firmware is up to date. I’m reluctant to open a ticket with wahoo that as the issue is present on two units, and doesn’t happen with other apps.

(Paul Graham) #84

Hi Guys

After the last update the ‘controllable’ option was disabled - reconnected through menu.

In addition the resistance randomly jumps and drops i.e. cycling at 2.0 w/kg, the resistance will jump to 5.0 w/kg and drop again within a second or so.

This on a PC / ANT+ / Kickr setup.

Never had this issue before the last update.

(Al Choiniere) #85

I am on bluetooth using a Kinetic Smart Control trainer. I am running Zwift on a Dell laptop with Windows 10, connecting with Zwift Companion on android 8.0 LG phone. On the companion app the bluetooth icon is active and shows I’m connected to Smart Control B4:B1:88. On the Zwift app on my laptop, it shows that the Power Source and Controllable are paired and connected to B4:B1 88, but it also says no signal. This just started happening last week after the release. I have never had issues connecting before.

(Sam Fielder) #86

I just received the option to update the app to 1.0.30490 on iOS today. I assume that it is too early to expect any changes regarding device connectivity. Should I hold back to be able to reproduce the issues?

(David Schulz) #87

Kinetic Roas Machine Smart Control, BT. Pairs readily with an outrageous power reading then No Signal after a few seconds. Unable to ride in Zwift at all.

(Paul Graham) #88

An update to my last message concerning resistance issues.

Zwift updated today, issues no longer apparent.


Ride On!

(Darryl Rosenfeld) #89

Just wondering if you looked at this - you can see the edges are all cropped. I’ve tried settings on the TV and the AppleTV, with no changes. Thanks for any thoughts even if it’s just “live with it!”

(Larry Dean (RC Pfälzerwald)) #90

Mac OS 10.12.6
MacBook Pro 13in Mid 2012

Elite Realtour B+
Garmin Vector 2

No Ant+ or BT signal issues before update.

Now cannot connect or maintain signal with ANT and BT.

Deleted and reinstalled Zwift.

Tried multiple ANT dongles. Shut off all BT devices/BT on Laptop and placed laptop with ANT dongle on the floor within 12 inches of Garmin Vector 2 pedals and Trainer. No change.

Zero Issues in other platforms like Sufferfest. Still running ok and controlling ERG mode in Sufferfest with BT keyboard/mouse powered on and ANT dongle on a usb extension within 12inches of trainer (the normal setup)

Please advise.

(Steven Fuchs) #91

Same thing happened to me last week after the update installed. Have you heard anything from Zwift about this? I sent an email to Customer Support.

(Steven Fuchs) #92

Running windows 10 with companion app on android. After launching Zwift on the PC with the companion app running on the phone it pairs but indicates No Signal and therefore no speed or power and no resistance. When this first started happening it would let you start the ride but with no speed or resistance but now the Start Ride button doesn’t appear.

(Al Choiniere) #93

My issue has been forwarded to their tier 3 support but it still has not been resolved. I’ve forwarded logs and a bunch of other info. I tried Kinetic support too but they were not able to help either. I have no issues with other software like kinetic app or Rouvy.

(Steven Fuchs) #94

I have a ticket open with Kinetic support too. I haven’t had any luck connecting to Rouvy yet. I’m running Windows 10 and have Bluetooth BLE and an Ant+ dongle. For Bluetooth, should it be paired with the trainer before connecting Rouvy?

(Alison Putland) #95

Since the update neither strava or garmin connect are receiving my activities.i have tried disconnecting and re connecting to no avail. Any ideas please?

(Steven Fuchs) #96

Vincent, anything new to report on this? It seems to be a pretty widespread issue among Kinetic users. I have a support ticket in with Kinetic as well.

(Marc Dorval) #97

No issues connecting to Rouvy, though.

(Jon Mayfield) #98

(Brigi Moto) #99

I’m new on zwift and due to my job and weather I was very limited to train and training at home was not motivating me. So by discovering zwift I purchased an ant+ dongle and began using my laptop (GTX 1070 inside) so I was delighted… I had an elite turbo muin b+ and also in my bikes I have power meter… Even not having an smart trainer it is very inmersive, pleasant and effective training. 45 minutes goes by quickly… So first I bought kickr smart fan and as per experience was going right I also Idecided to purchase a 32 inches 4k screen, a kickr 2018 and grade simulator. So imagine the change in my training schedule and home training setup. More than happy and satisfied with zwift, how it looks, how they are improving the software and the technology we can apply to our cycling day to day activities. Now I’m more motivated to prepare myself to come back to competition, xco, ciclocross… I have passed 2 years working tough with complicated timeframes… So zwift thanks for your product. In 2012 I had a tacx fortius… What we have now is by far far far much better.

In my case zwift works perfectly. To take something for improving: one thing may be that sometimes bike’s tyres goes into the road, also other thing would be to get more natural the way bikes take turns and more variety of faces and bodies… another thing would be to get more people in the cities and movement around, so people with good graphic cards can choose more additions to the environment they are running or pedaling. In regards to rain it may could be more similar to de F1 2018 Of Codemasters. And asking for more it could be great take these wonderful finished circuits into zwift :blush:

Cheers, B.

(John (Johna) Macaulay) #100

Same with me nightmare