Zwift Game Release: Guest World

(Jim) #62

Looks quite different this morning. 3096 Watopia vs. 251 London. (And this is a little over an hour since the most recent Stage 9 start.)


(Jeremy) #63

I am now getting two screenshots for each ride (assuming I have not taken any more manually), however the ones with the ‘hud’ are entirely black. when I click on the little hud button in the upload screen at the end of the ride, it toggles between a black screen and a good screenshot (minus HUD). In short, HUD screenshots are not working for me on Windows 10 Pro.


(Lin) #64

0405 GMT+8 (Tue night Europe is rather busy)

Very different compared to yesterday morning.


(Lin) #65

“had” is the operative word. Since the latest update, Apple TV only presents one screenshot and it has the HUD. Previously, it presented one with the HUD and one w/out the HUD. I am referring to the default auto screenshot. I do not typically take any screenshots.


(Lion Bok) #66

Just some feedback on the Windows10 BLE part.

I’m using a brand new Lenovo 330s laptop with a basic trainer setup. (Polar HR strap + Wahoo RPM cadence+speed sensors)
It’s working almost perfectly for me.
Unlike the android companion app that I used before, Windows10 BLE is able to seperate the cadence signal from the speed signal. This enables me to do cadence based workouts, so I’m very happy with this.
Also the signals are a lot more stable. The signal for the speed sensor used to drop for a second every 5 minutes with the companion app. With Windows10 I only had the signal drop once in an hour long workout.

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(Tobias) #67

i can’t choose the 4k resolution any more. The problem is, that i upgraded my graphics card und took the update at the same time. So I don’t know what causes the problem. I only see the 3 bad resolutions and a grey box at the place, where the 4k resolution is placed in the menu.
My new graphics card is a AMD RX590 8gb.
Could anyone help me? Thank you so much!!!


(Anton Kovalnogov(B)) #68

Check if correct graphics card drivers installed.


(Tobias) #69

Other games support the 4k resolution so this can’t be the reason for the problem…


(Anton Kovalnogov(B)) #70

Ok. I suggest reinstall zwift app then…


(Tobias) #71

I reinstalled the complete windows 10… No change… Are there graphics cards which are not supported?


(Samantha Dempster) #72

Since the update, I have noticed that some of the distance and elevation numbers are off on the routes. They are correct when you ride them though.

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(Paul) #73

If I remember correctly this is a know issue with AMD cards and Zwift is working on a resolution (I’ll try and fine the thread).

Here is the thread: No 4k resolution with AMD RX590 8gb

Looks like you posted on that thread, lol


(N. Mathys) #74

I love that change! And I’m sure most of the riders do too. This way the other maps get a little more special and the amount of riders gets split on two worlds. And as far as i have seen it splits pretty nice most of the time. For the moment i think this was the fastest and best solution.
Of corse one big map, with all the maps combined, would be cool too, but there is many problems that first need to be solved to realize that and elegant Solutions that need to be found.


(J) #75

definitely should be able to set “screenshots with hud” or “screenshots without hud” as a personal setting. Sure, an override it when uploading, but I would prefer them without the HUD, but I’m not sticking around to monkey around in the PC apps interface after a workout.


(Denis) #76

Awesome news that we can choose Watopia any time. Means I never have to ride New York again with its gear-gnashing constant gradient changes.


(David Armstrong, TX ) #77

YES!! I love being able to chose between the two worlds . Thanks so much for listening. Some worlds are so much more conducive to certain types of training. imo, the Number one best improvement this year.

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(Jon) unpinned #78

(Jaivi) #79

Nice post!!!