Zwift Game Release: Guest World

(Worthless) #42

I like the world choice implementation. The Windows 10 Bluetooth trainer control however didn’t work well for me.

I had 3 “No signal” drops from the Kickr 16 during a 16 mile ride which left me stranded on the side of the road with no power. I was able to unpair/re-pair the Kickr in each case and resume the ride, only to have it drop again later. Meanwhile the Wahoo Tickr and cadence sensor maintained their BT connection for the full ride with no issues at all. Then to add to the fun, Zwift froze when saving the ride. It was only one ride, but I’m already certain I won’t use BT trainer control on any real workout or group ride, it’s too unreliable for me. I’m using Windows 10 1809 with BT 4.1 if that matters.

The good news is that the BT connection (when working) seemed much smoother on gradient changes and didn’t suffer as much latency as the ANT+ trainer connection. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but that’s what it felt like to me. So if BT can be made stable on Windows 10, I’ll definitely prefer it.

(Rudi 70 plus) #43

Herzlichen Dank, das Training wird noch abwechslungsreicher !

(Donald Groen (PACK)) #44

I’m using already a few weeks the bluetooth options. I use a bleuetooth 4 usb dongle, because my notebook’s internal bluetooth was to old.

I’m using it in combination with my Tacx Genius Smart 2080 (controlable) and wahoo heart rate strap and wahoo cadanse meter.

It all works without any problem :+1:

(Kevin) #45

Prior to this update Zwift would connect but not control my Cycleops Hammer using the the built-in BLE option on a Windows 10 laptop. First ride after the update the built-in BLE controlled the Hammer but there were frequent power drops. Today’s ride, the second after the update, was flawless: no power drops and quick response to gradient changes.

(Kevin) #46

I had exactly the same experience with per drops but improved responsiveness on my first ride. Second ride was much improved, no drops but still responsive.

(_) #47

Can confirm Kinetic InRide 3 sensor via BLE on Windows now works without issue after update. (not a controllable trainer)

Before the update my InRide 2 sensor worked with BLE/Windows but the InRide 3 would only work on Ant+ on Windows.

Cable sensor from NPE also still good on BLE/Windows before and after update.

(Todd) #48

I was so excited to hear about the beta for Win10 Bluetooth. Tried it on my Surface Pro 4 with an Elite Qubo Smart Trainer, and, nothing. No trainer found. Works fine on my iPhone 6. ANT+ works great on my Surface but I have to use the dongle so it is always an extra step to plug that in since I don’t like to keep it plugged in. Hopefully this can be fixed soon.

(Nick) #49

Hi, I’m pretty dull and very new to this, but on my ipad I can only see one World of Zwift - I have no Guest World options yet. Have I missed a trick or will there be an update coming soon?
Thanks, Nick

(Lin) #50

iOS update has not happened as of yet. Update only released so far for Mac, PC, and AppleTV.

(Nick) #51

Thanks - any idea when?

(Lin) #52

Should be any day now. Manually check for updates before you Zwift if has not autoupdated.

(Tadeusz Wlodarczyk [Team PL]) #53

iOS update is available :slight_smile:

(Lin) #54

Indeed! :+1:

(Nick) #55

Just got it thanks!

(Enjoy) #56

Good Morning Jon,

I am using Windows 10. Everything was working fine before this update and now I can’t get my laptop or my Surface Pro to connect to my trainer via Bluetooth.

Jim Mohler
{Edited out personal info}

(Lin) #57

That’s not good. I cannot help you w/your problem since I do not have either Windows or a Surface Pro. But isn’t the Bluetooth new to the Windows Zwift app, maybe even beta?

You might also want to remove your personal info from your post (e.g., business, phone number, etc…)

(Z Kryder) #58

First Richmond day since July? It’s a new course for thousands of people.

(Lin) #59

That’s funny! Without a doubt, Richmond gets a lot of hate on here.

The new “Guest World” feature has only been completely released since yesterday, iOS being the last updated. I imagine that the mass majority of users will be updated by the weekend. Once this happens, it will be interesting to see where most users want to ride. I for one do not think the voices on this board are an accurate sample/reflection of the whole user base.

I have had only two rides so far w/the “Guest World” option and both times, the guest world was London. Both times, the number of users in London were far greater than that of Watopia. For example this morning at ~0600 GMT+8: London 2327 vs Watopia 423 Last night at ~1800 GMT+8 London was also crushing Watopia.

(Alan Westwood) #60

Yes I noticed those figures as well, but I wasn’t sure how far it simply reflected the numbers who had actually updated. The first couple of days certainly excluded all iOS members from the guest world because the update hadn’t been released. But for sure, Zwift admin and everybody else are going to see which are the favourite worlds - and there might be a few shocks for all :slight_smile:

(David Griscom YCW) #61

The 1 February guest course is going to make Richmond fans very happy… all ten of them