Zwift Game Release: Dec 3, 2018

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #23

What’s the thinking behind the variation in the amount of XP between levels? In every progression system I’ve played in other games, the amount of XP required increases with each level.

But Zwift seems to take a rather haphazard approach to it. Now that the information is published for levels 26-50, we can see the same.

To go from level 25 to level 26 is 11k XP. But from 26 to 27 is only 9k. Then there’s zone where it oscillates between 10k and 20k. Eventually settling down on 20k towards the end.


I assume you have some specific reason for this, but it seems very odd to me. You could have still hit 500,000 for level 50 while taking a more typical approach to XP progression. Even a flat 15,600 per level would have done it.

(Pitch Blank) #24

Maybe it is because of the importance of prices you earn with certain levels?

However i’m curious if you could implement either of these methods (growth) later:

  • Linear (f(x)=50x)
  • Cubic (f(x)=x^3)
  • Exponential (f(x)=2^x)

I’m all for a Cubic growth.

If you will reach the higher level equally fast as the lower the challenge factor will decline. Reaching the next level at a higher XP as before is very challenging! The game keeps staying intersting. Sure riding itself is the challenge in the end but having a programm like Zwift just overcomes this aspect and the hunt after distance (km, mi) and Experience will overcome which is a nice thing because you simply forget what you are doing. In the end its like breathing if to many deflections (?) will rush your mind. Deflections like hunting XP, Items, virtual Trainingspartner (even Ghosts) and so on. This is what every competitive person is after for. Its like a drug. :wink:

So my advie would be add unlimited leveling or at least level 100 or 101 :sunglasses: with cubic growth. Which means:

  1. every XP a zwifter gained will be calculated henceforth cubic
  2. unlocked items remain
  3. leveling will be harder
  4. maybe current level will fall to level x basend on XP because of cubic growth

Thanks for the update. Keep on the good work!

(H Nordlander) #25

Yeah…20 x 10…aint 160…or is there some sort of new maths I need to learn? ;D

(Jerry Bob) #26

Jon I’m a little confused with new levels. I’m on level 25 and opted for the “Bring on the Levels” at log on. Noticed my level is stil at 25 just hoping for clarification on how the level ups work with my rider score around 400,000 and mileage around 19,000km. Assumed it would have automatically taken levels up but reading thread it’s confusing. Thx.

(Daren Chandisingh 🌱 [Vision]) #27

You should now get 160xp for every km ridden, instead of 20xp. So you still have to level up, but at an accelerated pace.

Once you hit the level you “should” be, the acceleration will stop and you’ll go back to standard XP.

ZwiftInsider has an article about it:

So you should see something like this:


(taken from the ZI article) That shows you what level you’ll be at when the 8x boost finishes.

(Steve Wreschnig WBR) #28

Are we accruing additional points as we ride or just progressing through the levels with the points we had as of yesterday?

(Greg A) #29

Exponential? Excellent idea. If we use powers of 2, in order to reach level 50, I would have to average 50 billion XP per day for 60 years? Zwift would never have to worry about people asking for more levels. Maybe powers of 1.5?

(Christian Anderberg) #30

Cant seem to find update for android, is it just me misssing something?

(Pitch Blank) #31

haha lol yeah typo from me meant: Cubic :rofl:

(Jerry Bob) #32

Thanks Daren. Will have a look.

(Kurt Muetterties [BRT]) #33

Thanks for the update. One clarification…Is it true you receive more extra points per distance when using metric (km) instead of imperial (miles). According to Zwift Insider, that is the case. So if you set Zwift to use metric, you accumulate extra points faster? Sounds like a glitch.

(M D ⚡[BRT]) #34

As long as its disabled for races…

(Steve Ellis) #35

An observation: accelerated leveling, it seems, means that any riders with over 110,000 points will not get any “new” points for riding after they update until they’ve ridden enough to get back to their “old” points total. So, someone with 400,000 XP before the update has been reset to 110,000. They’ll then have to ride 1812.5 km (not accounting for bonus points) to get back to the 400,000 XP they had before the update. And then they’ll start accumulating new XP at the normal rate. But they’ve gotten no new XP for the 1812.5 km they’ve ridden since the update, which would normally have accumulated 36,250 new XP.

This assumes that this statement is exactly accurate, and that it means that acceleration lasts until the old XP total is reach again: “Accelerated leveling stays in place until you reach whatever level your XP would have taken you before this update.”

(Eiki Egilz) #36

Just updated to the version 1.0.32117 on iOS.

This still hasn’t been fixed?

And most importantly, this bug is STILL unsolved? Come on Zwift … this is one of the biggest bug inside Zwift, are you not able to fix it? The remote control issue on Apple Tv 4k:

And lastly … what is this Mission screen supposed to show? Not that it matters at all compared to the remote control bug above,

(Ryan Trombley *u5) #37

Is this update going to be released on Android aswell and if so when? I still don’t have the option to update and I have a few events tonight.

(Jon Mayfield) #38

Sorry for the crash - what computer/device are you using? Windows? iPad? Did you open a support ticket? Very curious about this.

(Jim Mattson) #39

I submitted a bug in the Bugs section of the forums.

I was taking a screenshot from ZCA, and curiously, Zwift created a few hundred copies of the same image with different numbers after the date&time. Then the PC stopped responding.

(Chris Dorcy [MAX]) #40

Are workout points multiplied? Workouts dont award points based on distance…

(Jim Mattson) #41

I suspect that your xp (from both distance covered and finish lines) is deferred until you complete the workout segment. If you get a full completion star on the segment, the deferred xp is awarded (perhaps with a bonus based on segment time and difficulty). If you don’t get a completion star for the segment, I think you lose the deferred xp.

(Darryl Parker) #42

I was really expecting something better than that for such a large price increase. More rider levels? What am I supposed to be excited about?

With all due respect,