Zwift Game Release: Dec 3, 2018

(C Garwood TT1) #43

From the release notes above

(Jonathan Wass [Cryo-Gen]) #45

I was referencing the fact that the update was coming “this month” (meaning November). So I think it is a valid question.

(John Murray Tt1) #46

Thanks for changing the interface and adding an unnecessary automatic screenshot feature leading me to delete my one hour workout when I thought I was deleting the screenshot that I had no interest in taking. I try to ride almost every day and I don’t need Zwift filling my harddrive with screenshots I didn’t ask for. If I want to screenshot something, I know how to hit print screen and save it. Useless changes to the interface are not helpful.

(Danny Boyd) #47

its ALWAYS been like that. 20 per km, or 30 per mile. its not a glitch.

(Jean Sebastien Guertin) #48

How do you update on apple TV? I am still on version 1.0.31651.

(Aaron Zwanzig) #49

If it doesn’t auto-update, the update will be in the Apple Store when it becomes available.

(Lin Alan) #50

iPhone was updated last night. I manually updated my Apple TV this morning via the App store. If you go in there and to the ‘Purchased’ listing, you can find it and manually force the update, assuming it hasn’t already auto-updated.

Out of habit, after an update, I always remove the power from my Apple TV unit for at least 5min, usually the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. If I update at night, I will unplug it and go to bed. Why? Because the Zwift and/or the Apple TV either don’t clean up after updates resulting in occasional Zwift startup issues after an update. Also, a periodic power cycle probably cannot hurt.

(François Paradis) #51

I like the redesign of the save and quit screen in the pc version. Less chance to trash a good ride. But the french version truncate the label save and quit in the button. It worked fine in the previous version. Small fix guys … :slight_smile:

(Gary De Cecco) #52

Anyone with 110000 or more XP could have been bumped to their actual new level and then started accruing new points from there. Except then we wouldn’t experience all the added surprises along the way! I understand why they did it that way.

(Jacob Polzin (Alaska) (D)) #53

I have a Wahoo tickrX that allows for speed, heart beat, and cadence. They all connect up on the run part of the app, however, the avatar never moves. Using the speed sensor on Apple watch works intermittently. Do I have to get a foot pod or can I somehow use my tickrX still?

Love the workouts and app.

(K. Frampton) #54

At the close, there are some photos that apparently were saved (don’t remember snapping them), and there was a “discard button” below them, which I clicked, but that discard button erased my workout today. Please update the UI and move the button so it’s clear that it will not save the ride/workout if you click it.


(Tobi Scheller ) #55

On PC there ist no SAVE screen appearing after a ride. The program closes immediately and sync to Strava is not working for me and others.

Ride is available on for download, but is not complete, e.g. 5 kilometres are missing and workout name is not used, instead the ride is named “Zwift - 12/03/2018”.

(Daniel Langenkämper) #56

You can save your ride data (

(Russell Cruiser) #57

Awesome update to allow more levels (I only recently reached level 25 so this is very timely. Thanks to [Daren Chandisingh] for posting the new level XP’s required. My comment is really to say wouldn’t it have been better to make each level after 25 alot harder than the previous. So if we need 11,000 xp to get to 26, then to get to level 27 ought to be 20,000 xp extra, and so on. I just think that Zwift will be in a similar position in a year’s time with lots of people on level 50, asking for more levels?
As usual just my thoughts - but as is I’m very happy with this update - keep up the great work.

(Andreas Hacker) #58

Since the last update I’ve noticed the same issue. When i try to save my ride, the app (PC, Windows 10) crashes. The ride is available on but I guess it’s the auto save. The ride is not complete.

(Jon Mayfield) #59

We are looking into the Windows crash but I have not seen us reproduce the issue here yet. For those that have hit it, what resolution is your computer set to and are you running Zwift in full screen or a window?

(ツ Harry (Primal Instinct)) #60

Happened to me already twice out of two rides! Running on Windows 10, full screen mode.
You press ok to get to the save screen and then it crashes. Resolution 1920 x 1080.

It doesn’t occur if you just log in without cycling…

(Eduard Zimmermann) #61

Today no save anymore as yesterday. After pressing “Fahrt beenden” no save button and the program exit to the desktop without saving. Win10 4K GTX980. No problem BEFORE the update

Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)
(Tobi Scheller ) #62

For me also on two PCs with Windows 10. One with fullsceen 1080 and the other with windowed mode and 720. Happens always on this PCs after Update. Now 4 times in sum. Before update -> no prob.

Additionally these rides are not “stored” in the weekly goals. So we are still at 0km this week. :frowning_face:

Save screen is displayed when you end the ride w/o riding.

Can we contribute any logs which helps you to analyzed this issue?

Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)
(Tobi Scheller ) #63

Can we support with logs, or something ???