Zwift for Windows on Arm?

I’m interested in the Surface Pro X. It runs “classic” windows apps if they are 32bit and windows apps compiled for Arm processors that are 32 or 64 bit.

Anyone tried it?

Windows 10 ARM-Based PC doesn’t run Zwift. Here is an official Microsoft FAQ covering some of the restrictions with Windows on ARM.

Thanks - I was afraid of that. I’m familiar with the restrictions of Windows on Arm, I just wasn’t sure if the Zwift installer included a 32 bit option, or if they offered a Arm64 version. That’s a bummer as its the one thing I currently use on my Surface Pro that wont work on Arm. Maybe I’ll just keep the old Surface around as a dedicated Zwift and couch browser machine…

For what it’s worth, there’s now an OpenGL compatibility layer available (at least for my Pro X on an Insider build) which enables up to OpenGL 3.3 support on the Pro X. I can’t link to it but if you search for OpenGL in the Windows Store you should find it.

That doesn’t solve the entire problem yet. Zwift also requires x64 support. But Microsoft has promised x64 emulation coming to Insiders this month. So we’ll see.

(Note, I already have a gaming PC, and a standard Intel laptop in addition to a phone that could also run Zwift. But it’d be nice on occasion to use the Pro X).

Hi @Joe_H3 and @Paul_Allen2, eventually…did you manage to run Zwift on the ProX?? I’m curious because I like it, and otherwise I would use it for Office 365, and I understand that 365 works well on it.

Nope, it still won’t run on the Pro X. Maybe when the x64 emulation comes out though.

Thanks @Joe_H3, indeed maybe with this emulation things will change. I read it was coming in November so it should be already out.