Where is the 32 bit version?

I have a Surface Pro X. I downloaded the zwift setup and installed the .NET package. But I am getting a message that there is no 32 bit version of Zwift. WTF? I need to run a 32 bit version because my Windows on ARM processor does not support 64 bit. How can I zwift?

Zwift is x64 only: https://zwift.com/hardware

Any chance you would consider doing a arm64 compile of the zwift program as there is no 32-bit version?

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Digging through the dependency tree, it looks like there are a couple of 3rd party dependencies that are not yet supported by arm64 which would appear to be the blockers that are the reason that Zwift is not already using the AnyCPU compile options of the .NET codebase ( which would also open up Xbox and any Windows on ARM device ).

No, not really. iOS is ARM64. iPadOS is ARM64. TvOS is ARM64.

Zwift is a .net / xamarin mono app. dissecting the binary, it looks like the issue is a Windows only 3rd party library that is the blocker.

Not sure what you are getting at, but like I said Zwift is x64 only.

I paid over $1500 for the latest Microsoft product, Surface Pro X, and why is this not supported? Its ridiculous. There must be many others who bought this anticipating using it for Zwift.


People spend hundrets of Dollars for a smart turbo trainer but can not buy a good used gaming PC und must use poor low spec hardware for zwift… I’ll never understand that.

If all the ressources zwift use for developing running on low spec android/iOS devices would go into debugging and animating more roads, we’d have a h€ll of a video game.

The Surface is for Office and long battery life. It’s not for gaming!

You’d never buy a Prius and use it in the Formula 1.

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It’s not support because the Surface Pro X will not run x64 games. It will also not run OpenGL greater that 1.1. This is not a Zwift issue.

An AppleTV is probably the least expensive device to run Zwift on.

Apple is garbage. I will never give them 1 cent of my money. Why isn’t the Amazon fire stick supported then?

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You could look for a low end PC that meets the hardware specs:

I would stay away from Windows 7 since it will no longer be supported after Jan 14th 2010.

Then buy a used gaming PC!

I got my i5-3470 with 8GB and a AMD HD7850 for like 120€ two years ago.
You should get a i5-4570 with 8GB and a GTX970 today easy for 120-150$

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I am using my iphone right now when I run on Zwift but it is way too small to be a good experience. Only option if I want to take a device to a gym or to work where I can use a treadmill is a 2 in 1 PC like a surface Pro X to get a bigger screen that I can also put on the treadmill… Hard to balance a gaming PC on it.
It would have been nice to be able to use a Surface Pro X as this is such a good looking and new device but if it is impossible to work out what is needed to recompile Zwift for arm-based PCs I guess it is possible to settle for a Surface pro 7 (even though the Pro X is the new thing). Arm-based PCs are probably the future for mobile devices . Maybe it is time to look into this anyway and see what is needed? Not maybe to make a 32-bit version of Zwift but to recompile it for arm.

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What I am getting at is this: It is NOT x64 only. They have ARM64 code working today. It is not Windows ARM64 compiled, but they absolutely have ARM64 implementations running today, and the codebase all exists within a single shared tree with slight variations in build files. OpenGL is the code problem and would require a DirectX implementation.

However. Building installers to deal with Windows inability to handle side by side assemblies is painful (at best), and I suspect that the fundamental issue is there, rather than in the code itself.