Tablets with Win OS - Windows tablets any limitations?

Hi what about tablets with Win OS?
Example: MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 1514 Intel Core i5 3317U 1.7GHz, 4G RAM, 64G SSD, 10.6", WIN10P(EN/FR)

Is it good enough for Zwift?

Hi Adam!

The specific device you are asking about meets our Minimum Specs for PC. The Core i5 has Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics, which is equal to our min spec, so the graphical performance won’t be amazing, but you should be able to run it since your RAM is equal to min spec as well and processor is our ‘better’ listing.

The Windows tablets that don’t run on Zwift are the ones with ARM processors, but one with a full-sized processor should do just fine.

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Thank you