Zwift Crashes every ride at random times

I have used Zwift successfully on this machine for years and never had any issues up until the last few weeks when I started using it again after a hiatus. I have made no changes to the hardware on my machine.

Now I cannot go a single ride without Zwift crashing. Sometimes it is within the first minute, sometimes a few minutes, and most recently 30minutes in. Whilst the time is variable, it always happens. It seemed to be worse on Neokyo then Watopia, but it still crashes on Watopia eventually.

There were also some sever graphics glitches, with randomly coloured triangles appearing and sometimes blocking the entire screen. I decided to see if there were driver updates for my graphics. I updated them, and this has got rid of the polygons going crazy, but the game will still always crash eventually.

When it crashes I get a notification from AMD saying a driver was caused to timeout.

Have you got video screenshots enabled?

If so turn it off.

Solves many problems that can’t be attributed to anything else.

I have video screenshots disabled, and the similar one saying ‘video upload’ or something similar set to never.


There are Radeon bugs in the current release. Does any of this look familiar?

Ok, that rules that out then.

The text is fine, but the polygons were going mad. That was before I updated my graphics drivers, now I don’t get the crazy graphic glitches anymore, and the game looks fine, but it will still just randomly crash and then the AMD app will say a driver was forced to timeout.

When it crashes it first goes to the blue loading screen the the Zwift logo and random quotes on it, but the mouse will appear in a spinning wheel of death, it will be like this for several minutes before getting a windows prompt saying it has crashed and to close the programme.

The text is the only thing that wasn’t glitching!

See post above.

Hi, I have a similar problem. I don’t have glitches, maybe stones a little grain, but nothing terrible. But the game crashes on me every day. Sometimes after 15 minutes, sometimes after 30 minutes I have a green screen for a few seconds then AMD Radeon writes some report about timeout. I have been using this PC for 4 years and until now Zwift never crashed :confused:

Can you provide detailed specs about the PC hardware? Are video snapshots enabled in settings? If so, start by turning that off.

What are video snapshots? I don’t have anything like that in the Zwift settings…

It’s a feature that’s enabled or not depending on the CPU. If you provide detailed specs of your hardware you might get some useful advice.

Definitely no video snapshots for that. It’s a 12 year old CPU. You might want to upload a log file to to see how it’s performing. You can also contact Zwift support and tell them you want to submit a log file for analysis. They will almost certainly begin by telling you to update your video drivers so I’d check into the availability of any alternate video drivers for your GPU before contacting them.

When Zwift released their most recent Watopia expansion, system requirements increased. Makuri is another world that is also very demanding. If it crashes in those worlds but not in others, it might be related to system performance. Do you ever see situations where all the riders around you disappear but their bikes remain on the screen? That would be another indication that the CPU is maxed out.