Video Screenshots - Windows Release [July 2023]

Hello everyone!

I’m Evan and I’m a Senior Engineering Manager at Zwift. Starting this week, we’re starting to gradually roll out Video Screenshots to a percentage of Windows users (more specifics on this in the FAQs below).

With Video Screenshots enabled, whenever you have a notable moment in Zwift, we’ll automatically capture short, 15-second video recordings – that means you’ll never miss setting a new PR, finishing an event or challenge, completing a workout, or taking a jersey.

You can also manually capture any previous 15 seconds of action. There are two ways to do this:

In Zwift: Use the Video Screenshot button in the Action Bar, which is the blue clapperboard icon shown below. The video will be stored on your local hard drive in your Videos/Zwift folder. It’s up to you to delete old videos you no longer want to keep.

Using the Zwift Companion app on your mobile device: Press the Video Screenshot button and your videos will sync to your mobile device and be stored there so you can share them on social media or elsewhere. It’s up to you to delete videos from your smartphone’s storage.

At the end of your session, if you’ve integrated your Zwift account with Strava, you can select one video to upload to Strava at the end of your activity.

Windows-specific FAQ’s

Q: Which Windows devices are included in the rollout?

To start, we’re rolling out Video Screenshots based on the processor (CPU) in your Windows device. Based on performance testing, we’ve selected an initial set of CPUs that we believe are capable of smoothly capturing video in the background while you’re Zwifing, but please note this list may be subject to change as we continue to collect performance data and feedback.

(Last Updated: July 31, 2023)

  • Intel Core i3 (10th Generation and newer)
  • Intel Core i5 (9th Generation and newer)
  • Intel Core i7 (9th Generation and newer)
  • Intel Core i9 (9th Generation and newer)
  • AMD Ryzen 5
  • AMD Ryzen 7
  • AMD Ryzen 9

(How to look up which processor your computer has)
(How to determine Intel Core processor generation)

Please also note that this is a gradual rollout, so even if you have a CPU listed above, you may not have the feature just yet. The total duration of the rollout will depend on a variety of factors, including performance metrics and feedback, but in general we’re targeting having this feature available for all of the above devices over a period of one-to-two weeks.

Q: What about other Windows devices that aren’t included in the initial rollout?

We’re continuing to evaluate additional devices and CPUs that are capable of smoothly capturing video, and will work to expand the list of supported devices over time. Some older or lower-end processors may not be capable of running this feature and therefore may not be eligible for it in the future. Video Screenshots was designed to be multi-threaded, so CPUs with more cores generally perform best.

Q: How do I turn off Video Screenshots?

You can enable or disable Video Screenshots in Zwift Settings. When disabled, Video Screenshots is completely disabled: you will no longer see the clapperboard icon in the Action Bar, Video Screenshots will no longer be automatically captured after Notable Moments, and no video recordings will be saved to your device.

Q: Where can I learn more about Video Screenshots?

For more detailed information about Video Screenshots, including a full list of feature FAQs, please see our previous forum updates or the Screenshots and Video Capture article on the Zwift Support Site.

Q: I’m using Windows N or KN edition, and I have one of the eligible CPUs listed above, but I don’t see the Video Screenshots button or setting.

If you’re using Windows N or KN editions, you will need to install Microsoft’s media components that are not included in these editions by default. If you do not install these components, you will not see the Video Screenshots feature even if you have an eligible device. See Microsoft’s support site for details.


Is this a server side switch or tied to a specific software version?

This is a server-side change, so no game client update necessary.

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i3 12100f 12. Gen included?

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The CPU requirements don’t make much sense; surely generation of the CPU’s should also come into things, even if this functions is supposed to rely on multiple thread use?

Also the complete OFF or ON option is not very good; surely AUTO, MANUAL or OFF could be easily implemented? Many people won’t want hundreds of random video clips but would still like the option to take one when they feel the desire?!

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We aren’t rolling out to i3s at this time, but will post back here as we include additional devices.

Great feedback, thank you. Agreed!

They’re stored in the same way your photos are so easy to delete.

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From my experience I’m only seeing 1 auto video clip per ride.

What’s the reason for this? Many newer i3 are faster than older i5 or is this based on the number of cores and threads that zwift uses? Excluding the i3 will exclude a massive amount of users

It depends on how many notable incidents occur during your event.

If you pass multiple sprint/kom’s etc there’ll be more.

But again they’re easy to remove just like photos are.


  • Intel Core i5
  • Intel Core i7
  • Intel Core i9
  • AMD Ryzen 5
  • AMD Ryzen 7

…doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me.
A tenth gen i3 or later is way more powerful than a pre-haswell generation i5/i7.
Similarly, there are a bunch of Ryzen 5 processors that have 4 cores - just the same as Ryzen 3. Also - we’re missing the Ryzen 9 too. I’d imagine it can easily support this.

Really not understanding the thought process behind this support matrix at all. Are we just missing some more detail on the generation of processors?

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Zwift is basically single threaded. On any modern cpu it’s cpu limited. Which is why clockspeed / IPC seems to make the biggest difference to performance. An modern i3 is/was all you needed unless you were doing a pile of stuff while zwifting.

I’ve had it enabled a few weeks… And despite races with multiple banners and climbs and close finishes.
I’ve had 1. Every time.

I know it’s single threaded which is why I asked if it was based on core or threads as the i3 is better than many older i5


Sounds like you need to try harder then. :wink:

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Haha - that did make me chuckle :laughing:

I am actually going to check its not created any others and only uploaded 1 to strava. Oddly my race the other day on Muckle Yin had a PB on one of the main climbs, and a real close sprint - but it uploaded Breakaway brae KOM which was a bit dull.

It may well be recording more. On the save page it’ll show them all but you can only upload one.

They’re all in your videos folder. About 4Mb per capture.

Glad you took my comment on the spirit it was meant.
Similarly enough i only get one for event completion.

Yep you are indeed correct. 4.2mb for every KOM and sprint banner.
Didnt notice the options to upload to strava like you get with the photos (ie which one you pick) - though my eyes were probably still bleeding from the race.

Thanks for that info @10K.Every.Day.In.23 :ok_hand:

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