Video and Audio Suddenly Stuttering [Windows] [Video Screenshot]

Hello. I am running Zwift on a Dell Inspiron 3511 (4.0GB RAM, 11th gen i3 @3.00GHZ) with Windows 11. Zwift is paired with a Wahoo Kckr Core trainer. I bought this laptop specifically for this setup and run nothing else on it except YouTube for music while I Zwift. Norton virus protection, definitions are up to date.

I have run this setup for over a year with ZERO problems. About a month ago, the Zwift audio and video became very jittery. All apps and drivers are up to date, I have run diagnostics and checked the Task Manager. Nothing that I can see is wrong or out of date.

I have run out of ideas - any thoughts?

Hi @Glen_Bannon welcome to Zwift forums.

The timing of your symptoms coincides with our rollout of the Video Screenshots feature for Windows. I’d go into the Settings menu of the game app, and see if the toggle for Video Screenshots is enabled and if so, turn it off. Your machine may not be handling it well.

Also worth asking: are you using the N edition of Windows 11? If yes, there’s a how-to at the bottom of the linked page for what to do.

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Hey Shuji - that did the trick! Everything is working perfectly again. Thanks very much for your time and assistance! Glen

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@evan-zwift feedback for you :point_up_2:

Hoping someone here can help. Starting Tuesday, my Zwift has had a dramatic increase in lagginess, with riders disappearing for a second or two repeatedly. When I uploaded to zwiftalyzer, it looks like it is a network latency issue, but RGT had zero issues and a net uptime monitor caught no latency issues. Any ideas what might be causing the issue?


We appreciate you looping back to confirm - I’ve passed along both your reports to the folks who need to know.


I merged your post into this discussion already under way. Would you let us know what happens when you disable the toggle for Video Screenshots in the game’s Settings menu?