Video Screenshots - Windows Release [July 2023]

Hi @evan-zwift

The i3 12100f is a very popular CPU amongst the PC user community (surely Zwift staff internally must see/be aware of this)… and suspect is more than capable!
I don’t want to get into the detail of why it should/why it has not been included but …

As this is a server side change, if I provide my Zwift ID, can you add this functionality to my account, I’ll happily test this and let you know how it runs on a i3 12100f system?. :wink:

(As people have already said a ‘new generation’ i3 can be more powerful than older generation i5’s etc.)

:point_up_2: +1 on this, the Auto, Manual, or Off makes a lot more sense from a UX perspective.

Looking forward to this functionality being available :+1:


@evan-zwift along these lines could you add an option to take clips automatically but delete ones past a certain age, total storage amount, or number of clips? i.e. only keep the most recent 20, or clips from the last month, etc. And add said option for still captures as well.


I like the auto/manual/off idea but allowing Zwift to delete files is a bit risky. There’d be all sorts of disgruntled users who lose images or videos they took but maybe forgot to archive them before the delete happened.

Best left to the individual and unless you are running perilously close to running out of space already i can’t see that the auto option will fill your HDD/SSD.

Disk space management should be part of the users periodic maintenance.

Make it an option you have to turn on, not one that’s on by default.

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Yay! :smile: Been waiting for this.

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not sure id trust an external program to delete anything from a specific folder where it has access to potentially delete other folders and files by accident etc


Then just use a repeating pattern that will overwrite itself after whatever limit is hit.

Again, a program shouldn’t be used manage space on a drive, it’s upto the user to make sure there’s space even overwriting, on sd cards for things like go pros etc I can understand as there generally aren’t files on there that can be removed causing a catastrophic system failure

We’ve discussed things like automated cleanups, etc. and have had similar discussions as the ones in this thread as to what criteria would be used, how customizable it should be, and what are the general risks associated with any external program removing files from your device. As of now, we don’t have an auto-cleanup feature in the works, but we do agree that concerns about storage management are completely valid and we’ll continue looking at it over time, especially if you folks give us feedback that storage management is something that you’d really like to see in this feature.

We’re eager to include additional devices as well; this initial rollout is just a starting point. We’re continuing to test on a wide range of devices, and are looking closely at the i3 family as well.

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What is the reason for ignoring the i3? Do you think they aren’t powerful enough?

As per above I guess they’ve not concluded testing on the i3 but wanted to roll the feature out.

They’ll have to consider CPU generation for all of this to work. There are 2-core i5 CPUs with terrible performance. They are absolutely crushed by the performance of modern i3 CPUs. On older PCs I suspect the presence or absence of solid state storage will be at least as important as CPU cores when it comes to game performance while saving videos, especially when the user doesn’t know that a video is being saved.

which of these will be faster or more suitable for testing and recording?
a laptop running an i5-1035G1 1ghz 4 core/8 threaded cpu with built in Intel(R) UHD Graphics OR a desktop running i3 10105 3.4ghz 4core/8threaded cpu with a dedicated gpu

the cpu being a major factor can be misleading when you are dealing with mobile vs desktop cpus and the fact that that desktop procesors are generally always faster than their mobile counterparts

considering that zwift haven’t said what testing they are doing and we know zwift itself is not really multi threaded so is it testing single core speed, hd write speed, multithreaded application speed, gpu processing speed ? we are just left to guess why one of the most popular desktop cpus for zwift (seeing as core speed is more important that number of cores) is being ignored for testing, the way its been said my lower spec laptop will get video screenshots before the more powerful desktop, just seems counter productive to me as i’m sure there are many others using laptops of similar spec which might get bogged down when the video screenshots are processing

It’s not being ignored. Read what Evan said again.

much appreciated, thank you.

regarding CPU compatibility, i assume zwift will be adding newer generation ones manually as they go, sort of like they do with GPUs already

well it is being ignored for the initial release

Or just not included currently?

Ignored is not the right verb in this instance but i can agree to disagree.


I logged in this morning and for the first 15 minutes the game was completely unplayable, severe stuttering / lag. I rebooted the game a couple times, nothing was fixing it. I then realized these video screenshots are being rolled out to windows devices so I checked my settings which confirmed it was enabled on my computer. Turned it OFF and viola, everything was back to normal.

For something that has game performance implications it may be worth notifying the users in game OR disabling by default.

Windows 10 running on Intel i5 2500K @ 3.3gz. Can’t upgrade to win 11 due to CPU being to old, but it runs Zwift perfectly fine normally :slight_smile:

Hope I’m the minority, but figured I share. Let me know if you need more details.

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I suspect and hope you’re in the minority as that’s the first I’ve heard of this.

Having it enabled does come with a slight hit on your FPS rate.

Your CPU is old and it’s almost the weakest of all the CPU’s with this feature. More importantly what GPU are you running?

Can you run the log file through Zwiftalizer and maybe one from prior to you having video screenshots. Be interesting to see the comparison.

Also how much RAM are you using?

I suspect this feature has just pushed your computer over the edge.