Zwift Companion for Android - No "Game Mode" Screen


(Shit) #1


When Zwifting, the android companion app stays in “Home” mode only. No maps, no power meters no messaging, nothing but Home. I can see that it is connected, as it shows Zwifting Now under the Activities tab.

My Setup:

Computer - Core i5 2500K, 16GB RAM, 1 TB SSD, Nvidia GeoForce 760 GTX graphics, TCL 43" TV/Display, ANT+ USB dongle.

Companion Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Wireless: 2.4Ghz Wifi with security enabled, Arris router.

Bike - Trek Alpha 2.2, Wahoo rear hub speed sensor, Wahoo cadence crank sensor, Cycleops Fluud 2 trainer.

What I have tried to resolve this:

  • Making sure computer and phone are on the same wifi network.
  • Turn off mobile data.
  • Turn on airplane mode, then enable wifi transceiver only.
  • Uninstall, then reinstalled Companion App.
  • Switching to another device (Galaxy Tab E, Galaxy 8 Active).
  • Turn off bluetooth transceiver on computer motherboard.
  • forcing stop then relogging in to the Companion App during a Zwift session.
  • building a large fire, dancing around it while wearing a speedo and chanting “Lance”!

Is there anything else I might try?

(John Schneider) #2

Hey S. Kicker.

I do have a couple of other tricks that might help your Zwift Companion(ZC) connect to Zwift on your Computer.

  • Connect the computer to your home network with an Ethernet cable.
  • Always make sure that boht Zwift and ZC are up to date.
  • Waiting to start ZC until your rider is visible on the screen.
  • If you have the option to use 5 GHz instead of 2.4 GHz that can also help.
  • A less serious suggestion: the next time you do an elaborate ritual to fix Zwift chant “John” instead of “Lance”. Since John created the game, evoking his name is much more likely to get a result.:wink:

Let us know if you find additional workarounds for this problem.