Zwift Click not staying connected

Anybody elses zwift click not staying connected in game? After a minute it drops out, even in game.

Any thoughts on why my zwift click is droping put after 1 minute, even in game?

are you paired to the PC or companion app. I found a direct connection to my PC wasn’t strong enough so have moved to using the companion app as a bridge

Hi Steve, I’m paired to a tablet using Bluetooth. As is the trainer and HR strap. Would you recommend using the Companion app to bridge?

same here - its not even a minute in game… after a few shifts its restarting as connection got lost (never had issues on a MacOS with too low BT range).

should work with the tablet, it could be the distance or getting interference. Try the companion app on a phone and see if it improves. I’ve always had better luck with companion app or direct to a phone when using the Zwift on a mobile.

Has there been a solution to this yet as I’m having the same issues with an iPad?

Anyone else had/having problems with the click disconnecting every few minutes.
It does reconnect via the menu but not for long and is very annoying.
How did you solve it if you have tia

Hi Paul, i wasn’t able to solve it unfortunately. It stays connected if i run Zwift through my Samsung phone, but not on the tablet. I’ve checked settings. In the end i just put a cassette on there and using as a regular smart trainer, which is annoying as that’s not what i bought.

Hi Andy, i was unable to get it resolved with Zwift. Ended just putting a cassette on and running as a regular smart trainer. Oddly it stays connected if i run it through my phone though.

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Hi Tom
Im in the process of sending mine back, in theory its great but in reality its absolutely rubbish in my experience.

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Mines on its way back its absolutely rubbish