Zwift Academy 2022 issues

Thx for link. I signed up for and connected my Strava account. How do I see the chart you are displaying in your comment?

After not getting any email and learning about the phenotype numbers, I’m using coach hubby’s WKO 5 software. You can to apparently if you buy it. Try free trial? Learn more at WKO5 Training and Analysis Software for Athletes and Coaches. The analysis is mind boggling.

Click on the power / lightening bolt and scroll down page a little.

I have set, for picture above, only to show my best every performances and also my baseline ride. Above compared to men aged 60+ ( with accounts with ) to make me feel good :blush:

And to encourage me to train a little harder, the chart above to show where I stand against the Andrew Coggan power profile for male cyclists in general. Not very flattering but I’m fairly sure much closer to where I really sit in the whole scheme of things.

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I get a power duration chart vs a matrix of data in your display. It’s similar to WKO5 that we use.

Finished today
Main issue…no tt bike just the pink one which is much slower.
Frustrating!!! Especially when the caption says you will switch to tt bike!

What happened to Workout #2? All the others have slots about every hour but #2 is completely gone.

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I think answered by James in this short thread.

Still no updated email. Are you guys still working on this?

Edit: 28 Sep 2022 - Got it!

Completed ZA Baseline yesterday (now over 24hrs) No email received. Ride shows in companion app. however not in the ZA summary section.

Completed Workout #1 today , this shows up in ZA companian summary section and I also received an email.

Completed workout 4 earlier this evening. Showing as completed in activites on the companion app. But not included in the % completed

Hey Zwift, I road my finish event and did not receive my email after two days.

EDIT: It arrived Thursday…and I feel so good right now.

FWIW it was several hours before my Workout 3 was credited to me. Might be worth having another look now?

This is getting embarrassing. Yesterday you sent out an email saying “…most of you should have received an email… If you haven’t, please know that it takes 24-48 hours after Baseline Ride completion to calculate your phenotype and send the email.” Still no email after 12 days and now for some reason my progress is gone from my companion app too.

Thanks Colin. Mine was updated too at some stage of the night.

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He all - Zwift game version 1.29.1 fixes the missing ZA Road 2022 workouts in the Training Plans for iOS and Apple TV. Please update at your earliest convenience.


Hi @Mark_Crane_TOG_G_65y , just a heads-up that Workouts1 and 3 are similarly going to disappear off the schedule in a few hours…

Just did the updates on my iPad & ATV and all the long ZAR2022 workouts are now available for me on both platforms. Thank you for the fix.


Woah, I just received my baseline mail (from my ride on Sept 13th). I had given up on getting one with filled in information, but the information looks correct with the mail I received today.

When will this update go live? I still don’t see the missing workouts on the Apple TV :frowning:

I think it is out already, you may have to force update the ATV