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Anyone else with the zbike? Any complaints?

Hello, first of all sorry for my english. I have some issues with the bike working with zwift:

-It is not possible to calibrate, this process does not work with the bike.
-The other problem is that I have the garmin fénix 5 plus. If I pair it with the power meter of the bike to record the activity, zwift does not work well, the resistance do not work, the garmin is over the zwift. I use zwift with an iPad or iPhone
Any idea?? Thank you

Hello?? Somebody of zwift support???

Use the manufacturer’s calibration tool.

Don’t pair more than one thing to the bike. Only pair to Zwift.

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How calibrate ?

do the bike have a app? That should have a calibration option. If it doesn’t then don’t worry about calibration.

Haves an app, but no calibration option.

Many users talk about power error

Ok thank you, but when I use the bike connected via Bluetooth with iPhone or iPad I usually have problems, the control doesn’t work properly in the most of the cases. On the other hand if I use the Mac with an ant+ adaptador it works great. Can anyone take care of it. I think that this bike with bt and iOS doesn’t work well. I can send us the files of the logs that are in the app. I am sure that zwift support you can make that the bike work great via bt. Thank you for the response.

I hope zwift and zbike can solve this

I’m talking with zycle, if I got a solution i wil post the solution here.

Zycle say that calibration isn’t necessary

Today many users who have compared the power of zbike with potentiometers and say that it gives more than 50w…

Apart from the changeover delay

I have exactly the same problems. Zycle bike connected via bluetooth with ipad, doesn´t work great.

-Sometimes it gives more watts than normal, about 100w more.
-It locks up without being able to shift up or down for a few seconds.
-And finally, sometimes the controllable doesn´t work even when connected.

Tomorrow I will try to use a pc with ant +

I have tried a pc with bluetooth and It does´t work. This pc with ant+ work great.

With ant+ work great and with my old iPhone with other iOS works great too, maybe it’s possible it doesn’t work great with iOS14 and iOS15. In Foromtb someone compare watts with favero pedals and the is not enough differences.

Many people tal about many differences of power…

Hello there;
I have it connected by PC and the same thing happens to me, for a few seconds the power goes up, then it goes down and no matter how much you give the pedals it does not go up. I have tried bluetooth connection and Ant + and the result is the same.

Zwift or zbike can’t do anything?

I don’t know whose problem it is.
I have asked in forums to find out if it happens to someone else.

Quite a few problems with power and response time… it would be nice if Zwift or zbike support could help us.