Calibration issues on Zwift hub one - MacBookPro14,1


I’ve been using Zwift for a few months now and have been quite happy with it. Recently I have had an issue and I could not find any mention of it online.

It started when I changed my chain. Now, every time I start a workout, the calibration is way off and I have to do the calibration every time to get the zwift hub to work. It behaves very strange, it has trouble recognising the cadence and just stops giving resistance above ~80 rpm.

When it auto calibrates after 10 frustrating minutes I can workout, although it doesn’t seem as consistent as before. The real issue is that I have to do this every day before a workout. Really annoying, especially because I now it should be like this.

Hope anyone can help me with this problem.

Hi @Anton_Reinhold, Welcome to our Zwift Forums!

It’s great to know you’ve enjoyed using the Zwift Hub One. Could you please check your bike’s chain is lubricated before installing it on the Zwift Hub? For more details please review this article.

If the issue persists in your next workout please, contact our support for more assistance on your specific situation.

Hi @Martha_C, thanks for the reply. Yes, I have lubricated the chain. The problem seems to be with the calibration of the zwift hub one.

Thanks for that information @Anton_Reinhold, I’m going to continue this over email since I’m going to need you to submit a 15-second video of the Zwift Hub while experiencing this issue at your earliest convenience for me to look at. Look for an email from me shortly.

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Sorry for the late reply. Here is the video.

What you see is a medium effort (more then the 80 watts zwift estimates) and as I increase the cadence, the resistance just drops and it shows no watts and no cadence on the display. Hope this helps.


(Attachment IMG_5426.mp4 is missing)

You can’t attach videos to forum posts, but you can send them directly to support if you open a support case.

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Thanks, I wrote this via email, I didnt know I got posted here …