Zwift hub one - I am getting ~10% of actual power

Hey everyone, just set up my hub one and started pedalling in the welcome ride. My power readings are constantly showing around 20w which is about 10% of what I can feel I’m putting out.

Also I’ve connected the clicker gears and when switching down all the way to the lowest gear the resistance still feels about the same to me.

I’m running on a 2022 macbook pro which has no lag, even out of the saddle I can’t get above 30 watts.

Strangely enough if i pedal for 10 seconds or so and then stop, when i begin pedalling again I’ll get a few seconds of spinning easy and the watts look almost normal before i feel the resistance crank right up to the point where my avatar stops pedalling.

I’ve tried riding out of the saddle for minutes on end trying to force some kind of calibration but currently no improvememnt. Please help

Auto calibration should happen after you have been riding for at least 1 minute, you’ve exceeded 15kph, and then you coast for 5 seconds. You cannot be doing an ERG mode workout if you want to trigger the auto-calibration process. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s any way to know for sure that the calibration happened.

Thanks Paul, I don’t think i’m in ERG mode as I just went straight into the first welcome ride served up as soon as you log in for the first time.

It’s literally not possible to get above even 15kph at the moment, even out the saddle on full blast I’m only just rolling.

Sounds like a faulty trainer. If there’s a firmware update available I would install it, but aside from that it’s probably best to contact Zwift support. If you haven’t done that before, just be aware that the chat bot will try to deflect you but if you persist it will eventually let you open a support case.

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sounds like you didn’t pair the trainer under the “resistance” widget on the pairing screen.