Need Help Troubleshooting a Resistance Issues

I’ve noticed some trouble with my Zwift Hub this month while free riding and using erg mode. I last used it toward the end of November and everything was working just fine. I picked it back up since and have been experiencing issues all of January.

I can’t do any free riding it because the trainer removes all of the resistance after a few pedal strokes. It starts fine, then I can feel the resistance drop out and can’t go beyond 30-50 watts regardless of what gear I’m in. If I physically shift gears to make it harder, it drops the resistance. I don’t use the hardware for virtual shifting and don’t see a gear displayed or the option to toggle it in preferences. So I don’t think virtual shifting is the issue.

Erg mode struggles at first but eventually finds itself. The cadence reading and power are all over the place for five minutes or so. Not unbearable but it does make for a pretty bad warmup. I attached a pic so you can see the constant power spikes at first.

The trainer’s firmware is up to date. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift. I don’t use virtual shifting. I try to coast for five seconds to allow a self calibrate. I’ve unplugged/plugged it back in. Nothing seems to be working! Any suggestions?

There have been several reports of this very low watts thing recently, which seems to indicate that something is up.