Zwift-App/Zwift-Hub resistance too high in ERG mode


since the last Zwift-Hub firmware update and the Windows App-Update, I cannot Zwift anymore.

Since my issue was ignored in another topic, as it was a slightly different issue, now a new Topic. The issue stays the same, however:

“As soon as I start peddling (with ERG enabled), the resistance becomes impossibly high. While standing with FULL power, I achieve to turn the peddles, but the game only shows around 15-20W despite full efforts :smiley: I.e., it falsely registers the actual resistance/work applied. In the end, whatever the reason, it’s unusable…”

I hoped for a quick fix, but this is now the case for almost 2 weeks. I couldn’t participate in the challenges this april, which really annoyed me.

Is there anything I can do? I re-installed the program, but that didn’t help.

Best regards!

The issue resolved itself.

I have exactly the same issue, but it was not resolved by itself.